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Samstag, 16. November 2013

Girls Drama: My spontaneos Skin check-up at the Sisley corner

Something really interesting happened yesterday. I was walking home and just wanted to check something quickly in a beautystore, when suddendly that lady came up to me.
She told me that she used to be a beautician and now she is working as a representative of Sisley company.
This is a french cosmetic company that works with natural ingredients. Quite pricy though.
Anyways that lady asked me, if she could do a skin check-up on me. Since it was for free I agreed.

So this is what I found out about my skin. Part of what she told me wasn't new to me.

My Skin Type

  • reeeeeeeeeally sensitive (she was saying that sooo many times xD) 
  • dry skin (I know that at the moment, my skin is really dry. My skin couldn't handle the sudden change from wam to cold season. It used to be oily, but lately I've been noticing that my skin has become drier and drier :S)

My problems

  • Dryness 
  • Partially Hormonal acne (Really hard to get rid off)
  • Dry Acne
    • Wait what?!? xD Never heard of that before. Apparently it's a really hard to get rid of acne. :S 

Her recommandation

  • She told me to use a cleansing mousse to remove my makeup. She told me to stop using any cleansing oils!!! They would clog my pores and my skin will break out more. This acutally really surprised me. I thought that since I started to use cleansing oil I had less breakouts. Then again she said that if I want to finish up the product, I should use a cleansing soap afterwards. I always use a cleansing foam afterwards, which probably is the reason why I don't break out.
  • Moisturize my skin!!!! My main goal should be to concentrate on moisturizing my skin. Ok, let me tell you, Winter broke out here in Switzerland and it totally suprised me. I wasn't moisturizing my skin enough in advance and so I ended up with even drier skin. xD I actually stopped using any toner, because I think it has drying properties. I'm really only concentrating on moisturizing my skin as much as possible.

What about my acne?

She couldn't really tell me more, just that I should concentrate on moisturizing and it will look better.

These are the samples that I got

It was kind of an interesting check-up, but I could tell that her main reason was to sell her products. She put all sorts of creams on my face and was trying to convince me that they already were working.
The worst part about this check-up was that she was about to reshape my eyebrows!!! :O Noo wayy I worked so hard to grow them back and in a straight way... She didn't understand asians way at all...
Well anyways it was my first skin check-up ever and it was really interesting.


  1. Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog.

    Sounds like she were trying to sell more products + service. I have really dry skins too and nothing worked for months, my skin was like dry and flaky. Recently found a lot information about Vaseline and it works wonder on my dry skin, that I don't have flaky skin anymore =)

    1. That sounds great =) I actually have vaseline somewhere but I never really used it :D Maybe I should give it a try =)
      Thank you for the advise

  2. Sisley is one of the brand I put on my wishlist! It's so pricey! But I've heard good reviews over the tv programs!

    1. I know!! I was speechless when the lady told me the price for a cleanser!! I don't wanna know how much a cream cost.. must be suuuper expensive!!!
      Yeah they have all natural ingredients which makes it an amazing product =)