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Mittwoch, 13. November 2013

Girls Drama: The benefits of short hair

As you might know, at the end of September I cut my hair short.
I used to have long hair and step by step I cut them off. If you want to know more about it click here.

It has been over 1 month since I had cut them. I haven't cut them since then and they are starting to get longer again. Soon I'll be able to tie them again. It's crazy how fast they grew, isn't it?!?
So far I never regretted cutting them for 1 second. Having short hair is really amazing!!
Still I decided to let them grow a bit for now. ;) Still not sure what to do with them. =)

Let's make it sure: I'M TALKING ABOUT SHORT SHORT HAIR!! :D (like on the pictures ;))

So let's see what are the benefits of short hair:

  • Dry in no time: Seriously without even vacuuming it takes not longer then 30 minutes for them to get dry. Crazy isn't it. =)
  • They are never in the way: Whatever you do, you don't need to tie them up.
  • They are styled in no time: You don't really need much to style your hair.
  • Less haircare products: Well less hair on the head and less product you'll need. 
  • They are sooooo light!!!haha weird but that was the first thing that I thought when I first cut them.
  • Hot Days = Short hair are a blessing. Especially in those countries where it gets really hot.
  • It's easier to keep them healthy. 
  • If you have a bad hair day, just put a beanie on your head!! Well that also works for long hair though. xD

The bad sides about short hair:

  • For some fancy hairstyles gel is needed: Leads to wash the hair everyday....
  • I need to use the flat iron everyday: Not really healthy for the hair.
  • If you want the hair to stay short, you need to visit the hair cutter frequently. Not good for my wallet. :P
  • It takes longer to grow short hair... 
  • Most of the boys prefer long hair!!!! :O Well I don't really mind if they do... xD but it could be bad if "the boyfriend" doesn't like short hairs...
  • There is a limit on the amount of hairstyles. I don't know if I'm just a newbie if it comes to styling short hair, but I can't imagine many different styles for short hair.
  • Some heads aren't meant for short hair!! It has many reasons behind it. It's just like the color green, not many people can wear it. =)

Honestly, It might be that my hair are easy to keep. No matter if it's long or short I never really had problems with them. =) Must be my asian blood flowing through my vains... :D

Did I missed something? What do you guys prefer short or long?

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