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Samstag, 23. November 2013

Candy Doll Blush Review

When I was younger, I never used to be a blush-person. Now I really like to apply blush.
Sometimes when I'm not in the mood to apply too much makeup, I just go for a bit of blush and mascara.
Blush gives your face much more personality.

Here I want to introduce to you the blushes from Candydoll.


Candydoll is a japanese cosmetic-brand developped by the famous japanese Gyaru Tsubasa Masuwaka.
It's a cosmetic brand for those who wants to achieve a dolly look. The products do all look really cute.
Dollywink is Candydoll's sister brand. Candydoll concentrates on the face makeup, while Dollywink is specialized for the eye-section.


The blush comes in a transparent small container. It doesn't come with a applicator nor has it a mirror inside.
The container is well-made. The blush can't fall out and it doesn't break.
It's a nice size for travelers.

The shades

 I own 2 blushes from Candydoll.

left: strawberry pink and right: peach pink

left: peach pink, right: strawberry pink

 I purchase them online on yesstyle.

I believe that there are other packagings and colors available in Japan. They also offer "Candy Pink", "Pink Flamingo" and "Rosa Pink". These blushes are actually in duo packagings. They come with a highlighter. Check out Candydolls official website.

Peach pink

This is how the peach pink looks like. I applied quite some layers just to make it stand out a bit more.
I would describe it as the typical gyaru blush. That perfect pink to give you a real dolly look. It also makes your skin appear more flawless.

I'm quite not sure why they call it "peach pink", I would say it looks more like "baby pink".

strawberry pink

At the moment this is one of my favorites blushes. It's a pretty shade and gives your face a nice color.
A little bit of this blush goes a long way. =)


These blushes are made of good quality. They stay on for the whole day. I never broke out because of them. It's really easy to blend them in and they are really pigmented too.


On Yesstyle they sell it for about 16 EUR. In Japan you can get them for 11 EUR. As you can see it's less expensive in Japan. Well it's kind of obvious though.


  1. Strawberry pink suits you. You have a new follower here.