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Montag, 14. Oktober 2013

Urban Decay Naked + Naked 2 Palette Review

I finally found a Sephora in Milano and there I bought the Naked Palettes. As extreme as it might sounds, but in Switzerland it's impossible to find any Urban Decay products.

A few years ago, it was impossible to get any good cosmetic products, we basically only had Maybelline, Loreal and Max Factor. Slowly they are stucking up in cosmetic brands.
Luckily for us we live in a small country surrounded buy big countries, where you can easily cross the border and do some shopping there.


Naked Palettes!!!!

I just had to get both palettes, the lady in the store recommended for my skin type the Naked 2. The shades are warmer than the Naked palette.

Let's take a closer look at the palettes:

Naked Palette

This palette came together with a small sample of the Primer Potion.
Inside of the small box there are 12 shades, a shadow brush and there is also a small mirror.

The shades are:
  • matte
  • shimmery
  • satin
  • sparkle
The colors are really neutral-looking.
Most of the colors are brown-shades. There are two shades that are grey-shades.

The packaging looks really well-made. It feels nice to hold it and it's not heavy at all.
Magnets keep the packaging close. The shades don't fall off, if you are holding the packaging head down. As mentioned there is a small mirror and a small spot, where the brush is placed.
Thanks to the magnet, it's not to hard to open the packaging.

Naked 2 Palette

This palette is the next generation of the naked palette. It comes with other 12 different shades.
With this packaging there came a little lipbalm, that smells really good actually.
Inside of the packaging there are 12 eyeshadow-shades, a big mirror and a double-sided crease and shadow brush.

The shades are:
  • matte
  • shimmery
  • glittery
These shades are also all neutrals.
Almost all the colors are brown-shade, except for one. In this palette they also included a matte black color.

The packaging is heavier than the naked palette. It has a hard shell. It also has another closing tecnique, that makes it harder to open the packaging.
The inside looks almost the same as the naked palette, just that the mirror is definitely bigger.

Lets compare the two palettes:

The packagings look totally different form each other. Just the material is different. The Naked 2 looks more resistant, than the Naked. But they are both made of good quality.

As for me I prefer the design of the Naked palette. The Naked 2 palette reminds me of painting color containers.

on top Naked 2 and underneath the Naked
While looking at the palettes I can definitely tell, that the Naked 2 has warmer shades, than the Naked palette.
I love all the colors of both palettes, but I slightly prefer the Naked 2. 
All the shades have a name. Sometimes they are really funny like: "creep or "virgin"....

I noticed that there is 1 shade that is inside both palettes. It's the "Half Baked"-shade. In the Naked 2, it's the second from left and in the Naked palette, it's the sixth from the left.

On my opinion, every girl should have at least one palette of the Naked series. The colors are soooo pretty and you can never go wrong with neutrals.

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