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Sonntag, 27. Oktober 2013

Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette Review

Few weeks ago I purchased this palette along with the Naked palettes.
If you are like me a huge fan of natural looking shades, then this palette is perfect for you!!!
It has all the color that you need for doing any makeup look.

Product description

Urban Decay is probably most known for their Naked palettes. This palette comes with all the essential shades that are needed. The colors are really pretty and pigmented.
Most of the colors are matte-shades. Only one shade "Venus" is slightly shimmery. (This just reminded me of Lady Gagas new song Venus :D, have you listened to it?? Do you like it?? 
When I heard it, it kind of reminded me to the 80s :D, even if I wasn't even born then.anyways....)

The packaging is pretty small and well-made. You can easily bring it with you whereever you are going. It also includes a mirror. There is no brush included.

What it says

Well that's kind of obvious they are basic eyeshadows. With them you can start any look. They are all essential shades, that you can use on a daily basis. You can use them for lids, liner or crease.

Where is it available

I got these palettes in Sephora in Milano. You can buy them online on Sephora as well.
Now for my Swiss followers I have bad news. I've never seen Urban Decay in any store here in Switzerland. Nor can we purchase on Sephora. They don't deliver to Switzerland. Correct me if I'm mistaken. If anyone of you know an international website or how we can buy it, please let us know.

My personal opinion

I looove loove love it!! The shades are so pretty. The packaging is so small and pretty. You can create with these shades sooo many looks. It's really a must-have. =) Go get it!!

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