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Dienstag, 8. Oktober 2013

The Challenge: Fondation vs. BB Cream

It's always a hard decision when it comes to the right choice of makeup. Not only does it has to match your skin tone, but it also has to look as natural as possible.
A lot of products tend to damage your skin more than others. Since it has to cover up almost your entire face, it has to be as less damaging as possible.
We don't want to apply it over and over again throughout the day. Also we don't want it to look cakey.
We just want that flawless finish.

Fondation, tinted Moisturizer, BB Cream, CC Cream, DD Cream.... what's next EE Cream?!?!

How are we sopposed to know what product to use, when there are so many different types available. Basically in one way or another they all have the same purpose: Giving us that flawless finish.
At the moment Fondations and BB Creams are probably the most used all over the world. This is why I decided to compare these two products.

First of all we need to know what is the difference between BB Creams and Fondations.

BB Cream
BB Creams were originally developped in Germany and used as a treatment after plastic surgery. Soon they became really popular in South Korea. A lot of celebrities were using BB Creams for a flawless finish. BB Creams popularity has really increased in Asia and now they are quite popular all over the world.
The name BB stands for Blemish Balm. This cream has benefitial properties like UV protection, improves fine wrinkles and corrects uneven skin tone. Most of the BB Cream serves as Fondation, concealer, moisturizer and UV protector. All comes in one single product. They have a really light texture and blend in with the natural skin tone. A lot of girls tend to use BB Cream in Summer, when it's really hot and humid.

Fondation is basically skin color. Its origine goes back thousend of years. At the anciant times greeks, agyptian and romans used to apply color on the skin to lighten it up.
Nowadays fondations are used to get that flawless finish. They have a really good coverage and many color shades are available.
They don't have any benefitial porperties nor UV protection.
Usually it doesn't stay on the whole day and it tends to look unnatural and cakey after some time.

Let's compare them:

+ Coverage
+ Different color shades

- Non beneficial purpose
- Heavy texture
- Oily
- Starts to look cackey
- Touch-up required

BB Cream
+ Beneficial purpose
+ For different skin types
+ Lightweight
+ Sun protection
+ Oil-free (not all)
+ Flawless finish

- Just a few shades available
- Coverage is not always great (but has improved a lot)
- Shades doesn't blend in well with the skin tone (this also has improved)

How to decide between Fondation and BB Cream

This is probably the hardest decision. I personally prefer using BB Cream, but I also use fondation. I prefer using BB Cream when my skin breaks out. I usually go for a oil-free BB Cream with a good coverage. I also prefer using BB Cream more in Summer. It has a really light texture and if you live in places where it's getting really hot in Summer, having less on the face it's for the best.
BB Creams have improved a lot during the past few years. They used to be not as covering as foundations, but nowaday there exists BB Creams with a coverage like a fondation.

I use fondation when I have less breakouts and I need to even out my skin color. I was never the biggest fan of fondation, but I think the quality of fondations nowaday has really improved.

So basically using Fondation or BB Cream is a choice that you have to do depending on your skin condition. 
Remember whatever your choice is, there are products that doesn't match with your skin type. Try to test it before buying the product. Find your perfect product.

How I apply my BB Cream

I apply BB Cream after putting on a faceprimer. Usually I use a fondation brush or a beauty blender. I usually take only one pump of product and pump it first on the palm of my hand. With the brush I apply it on my face where I need coverage. I prefer not to apply it all over the face, because less is more!!! After application I apply concealer where I still need some coverage. At the end I apply a bit of powder to set all the makeup and it's done.
Be careful not to apply to much powder or it will look cakey.

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