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Sonntag, 13. Oktober 2013

NYX Xtreme Lip Cream Review

This product is not a LIPSTICK, nor is it a LIPGLOSS.... so what is it?!?

We are talking about a LIPCREAM... The NYX Xtreme lipcream.
These creams are amazing!!! They are perfect if you have small lips like I do.

From left to right: 03 Spicy, 09 Strawberry Jam, 01 Dolly Girl, 05 Bonfire, 02 Candyland

When I discovered them, I first wanted to try them out and purchased the Candyland. I was really impressed about how long lasting and pigmented this was. I decided to go back to the store and purchase a few more colors.

Product description:
  • matt color
  • moisturizing, it doesn't dry out the lips
  • pigmented
  • long lasting
  • pretty color
  • shiny  

I was trying to remove the lip creams from my arm with normal soap. It didn't worked. Then I tried to take it off with cleansing oil. This was the result after the first try.....
I needed 5 times cleansing with cleansing oil and a cleansing brush, until it was completely gone.
This just shows how pigmented and long lasting this product is.

Basically you can eat, drink, do whatever you want with your lips and it still has color on.

Isn't it amazing?? With my small lips, I always have to reapply often my lipstick, since it goes off quickly. Since I started to use this product, it stays on reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally long!! I don't remember ever having the need to reapply it.

Here is how the shades look on the lips

01 Dolly Girl

02 Candy Land

03 Spicy

05 Bonfire

09 Strawberry Jam


  1. Ah these look so nice! I can't wait to try them! I am in love with the NYX Lipbutters so I'm sure I will love these.

    1. There are nyx lipbutters? i've never seen them..nhave to try them out i guess =)