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Freitag, 11. Oktober 2013

My Favorites: MyBeautyDiary Face mask Review

Let's talk about this taiwanese cosmetic brand.
I'm not even sure if they have something else then masks...
I was introduced to this brand through the online shop On this websites selling charts, there is always a mask of MyBeautyDiary listed.

It was for me the first time using sheet masks. Nowadays I can't live without sheet masks.
Well yeah, it looks kind of weird when you have it on. People in your house will most probably laugh at you, but let's be honest, who cares?!? =) They really do work and that's what's important.

The choice of different masks that this brands offers is immense!
They have for all skin types and for all skin needs a masks.
I have already tried a few masks, not close all, but enough to say that they are incredible.
I really really like them!!! They are super moisturizing, easy to apply and they smell good.

I'm kind of scared at the beginning to apply it. XD They have a cooling effect that really frightens me...
But when I finally went over it and the mask is on my face, it feels incredible. It stays on without falling off and it doesn't dry out.

As I mentioned they have different types of masks. They also have 2 step masks. Basically you apply after the mask a moisterizer, that's included in the packaging. Pretty cool, right?

 The mask come in one piece. To protect the mask from being warped, it comes with a protecting foil. After you put it on your face you take off the protection.

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