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Dienstag, 8. Oktober 2013

My Favorites: Etude House Beauty blender Review

Few months ago, I started to apply my fondation or BB Cream with a beauty blender, instead of a fondation brush.
I was always really scaptical about a blending sponge. After starting to use it, I have to admit that I almost prefer the sponge over a brush.

Etude House Blending Sponge

The blender that I'm using is from Etude House.
This beauty tool is a really good cheap substitute for a good fondation brush.

The shape of the blending sponge is perfect to reach all the spots on your face.
The color of the beauty blender is pink. That's a really cute and feminine color.
It's really soft on the face and gives a smooth application. I also like to blend in my primer with this beauty blender.

It doesn't look cakey and it makes my face look really flawless.

Troublesome to clean
The only thing that is disappointing about this product, is that it's kind of hard to clean it. You basically have to wash it immediately after using it or the product will be sucked inside the sponge and it takes forever to clean it.

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