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Mittwoch, 9. Oktober 2013

My Favorites: Cure Natural Aqua Gel Review

A bestseller in Japan.... Not for no reason

This product is definitely one of the best exfoliator that I've ever used. It's a really gentle gel that removes eccess skin cells. Just the smallest amount is enough to give you big results.

Product description:

The product comes in a transparent bottle. On top of it there is a pump. It's a really convenient packaging. The size of the bottle is 250gr. 

There are also small size packagings available for one use only. They contain 3 gr.. You have to buy 5 packs together.


This product is not the most convenient one. It has its price, but since it lasts for a really long time, it makes it a really affordable price.
You can buy both sizes online on Yesstyle. If you might get the chance to go to Japan, buy it there. It's less expensive.


This is a 90% water-based exfoliant.
All natural ingrediants:
  • Aloe Vera
  • gingko
  • rosemary

  • alcohol-free
  • fragrance-free
Skin types

All skin types:
Since it is a really gentle exfoliator, it doesn't irritate or harms the skin. Even if you have really sensitive skin you can use this product.

What's the use of it?

As mentioned before this product is an exfoliator. It removes dead skin cells to help your skin renew  and prevent it from damaging. It doesn't dries or damage your skin. The best about this product is, that right after applying it, you can feel and see little sparkles of skin cell on your finger. 

How to use

After cleansing your face, take a small amount and gently massage it all over your face avoiding eye area. Rinse it off with luke warm water.
Procede with your regular skin care routine.

How often should you exfoliate your skin?

I recommend to exfoliate your skin 1 - 2 a week.

Personal opinion

If I could only have one exfoliater, it would definitely be this product. First of all, I LOVE japanese skin care products. They are usually really gentle.
I have sensitive skin and I can't use any alcohol-based products. My skin usually tends to get red while exfoliating, so I am always looking for products that are gentle. This product really feels like massaging water on the face. The fact that you can see results right after applying, makes it even a better.
After using this product my skin feels always really soft and even.
The only thing that is kind of disappointing is the price of it.

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