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Mittwoch, 23. Oktober 2013

Missha The new Fragrances for Woman Special Edition Review

Hurray!!!! Missha came out with two new fragrance.
And of course my boys from TVXQ are the representative models. =)

In Japan they were having an offer with the signs of TVXQ on the bottles. How amazing is that?!?
I just had to purchase it as my farewell gift from Tokyo.

The names of this perfumes are:
  • black bottle: just don't care
  • white bottle: let it be

With the fragrances I received also some cards with TVXQ and the female model on it.

The fragrances are again extraordinary good-smelling. I prefer the black bottle over the white on.
All-in-one they look really elegant.

It's also possible to purchase them individually. I'm not sure if the bottles with the signs are still available. It could be that they were a limited edition.

Here is the review from my YT-channel:

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