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Dienstag, 22. Oktober 2013

Maybelline Fit ME! Anti-Shine Fondation Stick Review

I tested it, I bought it, I fell in LOVE with it!!!

I'm usually not the fondation person. I prefer BB cream over it.
I heard about it somewhere, but I don't remember where. It could be from Youtube.
Anyways as I was going through the beauty section, I came across this fondation. For some reason I decided to test it and right from that moment, I knew I had to get it.

This fondation has a great coverage. You don't need much concealer to cover up your acne and blemishes. It feels really light on the skin and it's an anti-shine stick.
It stays on perfectly the whole day without the need to reapply it. There is really no trace of oil in your face.
I never had a stick as fondation and I wasn't sure if it would work, actually it's great for application, it goes on sooo smoothly.
Actually you just draw it all over your face, which is kind of funny. =)

They offer different shades and I have it in the shade "Buff Beige 130 Praline"

I first thought this color was too dark for my skin tone. Since it has in the middle that light color, it blends in well with the darker shade and fits my skin tone perfectly.
I think it's funny how they separated those two shades.

There is actually a reason behind it:

In the middle is the anti-shine cream and around it is the covering gel.

Size: 9gr.

I'm not really sure at how long this product will last me. The packaging looks kind of small and I would say that if you use it everyday, it will last you for about 2 months.

All in one it's a great product!! I really recommend to give it a try.

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