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Freitag, 4. Oktober 2013

Girls Drama: There is no Victoria's Secret in Tokyo

If you are in Tokyo looking for a Victoria's Secret store, give up on that!

I still can't believe something like that... We are talking about Tokyo!!! There must be everything there!!

I mean what happened to: If you can't find it in Tokyo, you can't find it nowhere!!!

Well I understand that japanese girl prefer cute underwear instead of sexy underwear, but still I bet there are girls that want to have Victoria's Secret in Tokyo.

Rumors about opening in 2014
I heard rumors about Victoria's Secret opening a store in Tokyo in 2014. I really hope it will become reality.

Asian sizes are different...
It's soooo hard finding underwear that fits european women.
I couldn't buy any underwear, especially bras in Japan. The sizes are totally different from european sizes and they never fit me.
Most of the bras had a ton of push-up inside. Good for people that want a lot of push up.

Good News: There are Victoria's Secret products in Tokyo =)
Don't be too disappointed. =) There are at least body sprays available in different stores around Tokyo.
Where I come from we don't have Victoria's Secret stores eighter. Nor do we have any products. We are forced to buy everything online.

On my opinion every single country should have Victoria's Secret. Right?!? =)

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