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Sonntag, 6. Oktober 2013

Girls Drama: My Shopping-trip to Milano

I probably passed by Milano for over 100 of times in my lifetime. I finally visited this city this weekend.
Milano is known as Italy's fashion capital city. That makes it an exellent shopping city.
I heard rumors about Milano being really expensive, so I was really curious of what was expecting me.

Most of the shopping stores are located where the famous Duomo is.
True! There is a street called "via Vittorio Emanuele". It looks like this street is inside a building. On that street the expensive stores like Prada, LV and other famous brands are located. 

Entrance to Via Vittorio Emanuele II

Right on the left side of the Duomo, there is a street where you can find other less expensive stores, than on Via Vittorio Emanuele II.
I basically was the whole day there. You have on the left and right of this street stores.

Clothes stores
They have common clothing stores like Zara, H&M and Mango. I didn't go inside of these stores, because I can find these stores also where I live.
I found on this street also other stores that were new to me, like Alcott and Bershka. I really like these two shops a lot.

This is a spanish clothes store for men and women. It has a huge collection and the prices are quite reasonable. The clothes are really trendy and fashionable. The style really got my attention. It's kind of a popstar style. It's as if it gives you the opportunity to dress yourself like famous popstar, just in a less expensive way.
This store is definitely for young people. I would say for costumers into their twenties.
Besides of clothes they are also offering shoes, bags and accessories.

Entrance to the Bershka store

You guys need to check out this store!!! The prices are incredibly cheap!!
They have a huge choice of clothes for men and women. I almost ended up buying the whole store.
Again the fashion is really trendy and popstar looking. It's an american store, from Los Angeles.
This store has the latest trends, the style is really music-related. The have a huge choice of clothes.
Again this store is for young people.
I really enjoyed shopping there because everything was so unexpensive.

My other favorites

For those who don't know, this store is a beautystore. It sells different cosmetic-product and perfumes. It has a huge choice of products. You can find famous brands like Mac, Urban Decay and many others in there.
Where I come from we don't have Sephora nor do we have Urban Decay. I was looking for Urban Decay for such a long time. As I found it in Sephora, I was more than just happy.

This is an italian lingery store. They sell shocks, thights and leggings.  I really love their products. Their quality is amazing. I especially recommend to try out their leggings.

Despite these store there were many other stores there. You have to see it on your own, it's incredible.
We only went to this street, but there is another street in front of the Duomo. There they had other stores. Not as many as on the street that we went on, but still a lot.

Successful Shopping-trip

For those who wants to know what I got... check out on youtube my shopping haul and don't forget to subscribe. =)


  1. I am so happy you got to shop at Sephora! We have these everywhere in America and they are amazing! Maybe you can shop online at Sephora since you don't have one near. I go in the store but shop online a lot too! Good Luck!

    1. Yeah I heard a lot about Sephora. I was really happy to finally shop in there as well. Unfortunately they don't even ship to my country. =( But now that I know that there is a store in Milano, I definitely will go back again. =)