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Dienstag, 15. Oktober 2013

Girls Drama: The cold season is coming - Body Lotion Review

Maybe not everywhere, but in Switzerland definitely the cold season is coming soon. Day by day it's getting darker and colder.

Usually at this time of season your skin tends to be dryer than in the rest of the year.
It's important to protect your skin before it starts to get dry.
If you are already using body lotion throughout the whole year, then this is perfect. If you are not using any lotion, then I would recommend you to start now.

I put on body lotion throughout the whole year. I always apply it after showering in the morning.
Usually I like to change my body lotion depending on my mood and on the smell of the body lotion.

Here are some of my favorites body lotion:

  • The Body Shop SPA Wisdom Japan Yuku&Rice Body Milk
    • This is by far one of my favorites. It smells amazingly good. It totally reminds me of SPA treatment and is really relaxing.
  • The Body Shop Japanese Cherry Blossom Body Lotion
    • I'm a huge sucker for this line. I love the smell of it sooooo much!!
  • The Body Shop Indian Night Jasmine Body Lotion
    • This body lotion has a really strong smell. You have to be the type to like it.
  • The Body Shop Strawberry Body Puree
    • This one reminds me of strawberry ice cream. Sometimes I can't smell it, because I usually don't really like fruit scents as beauty product. You have to be the type for it.
  • Revlon 24-hours Continuous Moisture Rich Body Lotion
    • This is a product for dry skin. I apply it when I feel my skin needs more treatment. It has a light smell.
  • Vaseline Essential Moisture
    • I got this lotion when I was in London. The oats totally got my attention. It actually is a really amazing product. It feels really moisturizing and has a nice light smelling.
  • Celvin Klein One Shock Body Lotion
    • I purchased this lotion only for its smell. It's such a nice smell. I totally love it.

These are only my personal favorites. You are free to use every product that you want.

As you see I have many Body Shop lotions. I really like their packagings, they look really pretty and  they have so many different scents. They are also really moisturizing. Until now I never really had any problems.

On the other side I really like to try out new products and see how they work.


  1. I actually love a lot of the lotions from The Body Shop! Hoping to see more posts from you! :)

    1. yeah me too =) in general i really like the body shop =)

      then how about following each others? =) i'll add you to my followinglist =)