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Mittwoch, 16. Oktober 2013

Etude House Dear Girls Cute Eyes Maker Review

In Asia it's a really huge trend to highlight the lower eyelids. This style gives the eyes more definition, they appear bigger and it creates fake eyebags. (Which is a huge trend in Asia)

Cuteness is in Asia generally really popular. When I was in Japan, one word that I always heard was "kawaii", which means "cute" in japanese.
Honestly I'm not exaggerating, if I say that japanese have everything in a cute version as well!!

Anyways as I was checking out Etude House at the end of September, I came across this line called "Dear Girls". This line was all about that "Cute Dolly Look".
One thing that got my attention was a double-sided stick, named "Cute Eyes Maker"


Etude House is known for their really cute packagings. They always have really girly colors and cute details on the packagings.
Also this product looks really cute. It's pink and on one side it has really cute details on.
It has a nice shape and you can easily put it inside your bag and bring it with you.

How it works

This is a 2-step eye product. This is for a really natural-looking look.

  • Step 1
    • Natural matte-brown shade to apply on the outer ends of the lower eyelids.

After applying it, it looks a lot lighter
  •  Step 2
    • Shimmery pinkish-highlighting shade to apply on the inner corner of the lower eyelids.

The shades are inside the caps.

This eye style is really cute and gives you a "Dolly Look". It is really popular among Gyarus and Ulzzangs. If you go through some asian beauty magazins, I'm pretty sure that you will come across this style pretty often.
It can be created in different looks. Some are more natural-looking, some are also created with black shadow than brown and some are more concentrated on highlighting.
You are totally free to create your own look.

You can combine this look with liquid eyeliner on the upper eyelids and fake lashes.

My personal opinion

This product only works, if you want a natural-looking finish!!
I first had my doubts about the brown shade. It's a really light shade almost not visible, if your skin tone is slightly sun-kissed. Now that I got a bit paler, it looks al lot better than before.
This stick is perfect for girls with a light skin tone.
The highlighter is really outstanding. It's a really nice pinkish color.
Both combined together look really great.

How to create the dolly look without this stick

If you don't own this stick, don't worry, there are other methods to recreate this look.
You just need 2 different eyeshadow:
  • Step 1
    • Take a brown eyeshadow. Depending on how outstanding you want it to be, choose the color. If you want a natural-looking look, then go for a matte-brown shade that is a bit darker, than your skin tone. If you want a more outstanding look go for a darker shade.
  •  Step 2
    • Take a light shimmery eyeshadow. You can choose from pink, white, golden or whatever you like. You can also take a highlighter, it just has to be a light color.

Now all you have to do is try it on. Get Dolly!! =)

What do you guys think about this "Dolly Look"? Do you prefer cuteness over sexiness or sexiness over cuteness? Let me know. =)


  1. lovely review!!~
    personally I prefer cute things~
    please check out my review??

    xx Charmaine

    1. yeah I'm a huge sucker for cute things as well. =)
      how about following each others? =)

      xoxo Aida