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Donnerstag, 3. Oktober 2013

Beauty Fails - It's all about personal opinion!!

I realized that most of the products that I'm posting about, are almost all products that I like. I decided to also post about products that I wasn't really convinced about.

Let me know if you liked it and if I should keep going on with thess posts or not.

Remover Pot

This is a nail polish remover where you can put your finger in the pot. Push back and forth and it should remove the polish. Unfortunately it didn't remove all the polish in one try. The alcohol on the sponge dried out way too fast. After using it twice, I could already throw it away. Also since the sponge is only on one side of the bottle, my finger got always stuck in the small spot.

Missha Eyeprime Boomer Beige

I was desperately searching for an eyeprimer and since I'm a huge fan of Missha, I decided to try the primer from that brand.
This eyeprimer had a whitening effect.
As for my disappointment, my makeup didn't last even as long as it would last without eyeprimer. It immediately started to crease.

Maybelline Express Care Total Clean! Makeup Remover

I had a hard time removing makeup with this product. It removed liquid eyeliner and eyeshadow perfectly. But I had such a hard time removing Mascara. I couldn't remove it properly. There were always small traces left on my eyes.

Missha Makeup Brushes

From the real beginning, these brushes were losing many bristles.
They would be totally ok, if they wouldn't loose them, since the quality of the bristle is really great. They are really soft, but having all those bristles all over your face is really annoying.

L'oreal Super Liner Black Lacque

It's not even the quality of this liner, but it's how it looks on my eyes. It looks soooo unnatural. It's a really shiny black line on your eyes. I just thought it looked so weird.
Also after about 4 hours, you could scratch it away easily without makeup-remover.

With this liner you can't really draw a thin line. The brush is really thick, so it's hard to get a thin line.

See how it shines?

This is all my personal opinion. If you don't share my thought then that's totally OK. I really don't want to offend anybody with this. I'm just blogging about what I think. Don't take it personally.

Thank you.

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