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Donnerstag, 31. Oktober 2013

My struggle with acne Part 2 - From breakouts to clear skin Japan version

At the beginning of 2013 my skin was really terrible. I had to put on layers of makeup to cover up all my red spots. I had all over the face breakouts. My skin was red from using too many harsh anti-acne products. I was desperate. Instead of getting better is was getting worse.
I was trying out so many products, but nothing really worked.
There was no trace of self-confidence in me.ー->click here for part 1.

My time in Japan

In April 2013 I went to Japan. There I learnt many new things about skin care and realised that asians are using other methods for their skin.

Their nutrition contains many benefitial ingredients for the skin. They eat a lot of rice and seaweed, which is really good for the skin.
I came to realised that it's also important to treat your skin from the inside and not only from the outside.

I stopped using many different products at the same time. Instead I went for less more effective products. I didn't concentrate on getting rid of the acne and blemishes, but instead I concentrate on a healthy complexion and in moisturizing my skin.

I wanted to share with you guys what I was using during my time in Japan.

Missha Time Revolution The First Essence

I wanted to start with this product, because I believe that this product had the most effect on how my skin looks now. I swear on this product. After starting to use this product, I had less breakouts, my skin has become more even, less red spots and my acne heals faster.
I also wrote a post about this product. If you want to know more about it, click here

Supplements: B-Complex & Fish Oil (Omega 3)

Fish Oil and Vit. B are really important for your skin. Since I don't eat everyday food that contains these 2 vitamins, I have to take them in as supplements.

Fish Oil: This vitamin is effecting against acne, reduces redness and it prevents the skin of losing it's moisture.

Vitamin B: This vitamin is really important. Not only for your skin but also for your body. Vitamin B has many sub-B-Vitamins.
It's effective against acne, production of oil, skin-aging.

Collagen Powder

Collagen is here in Asia really popular. It is called to be the secret weapon behind asians flawless skin. I never heard about it before coming to Japan.
You can find collagen in different variation. My favorite was the collagen powder.
For more details, click here.

Skin Care step by step


Shiseido + Etude House Baking Powder foam

    • I only cleanse my face with a cleanser at the evening after removing my make up with a makeup remover. In the mornings I only rinse my face with luke warm water without using any cleanser.


    Missha First Essence
    •  Right after cleansing my skin I apply this essence.

      Missha Super Aqua Cell Renew Snail Moisturizer
      • This moisturizer is really gentle and non-sticky. It has a watery consistency.


        Night: Missha Night Repair
        • I applied this cream as the last step after my skincare routine, right before going to bed. 


        Skinfood Rice Mask Wash-Off
        • Since I am kind of exfoliating addicted, I still wanted a good product for exfoliating. Skinfood has the most amazing products for exfoliating. I really love their wash-offs. They are really effective but in the mean time really soft. Perfect for sensitive skin.

        Sometimes I was only using the First Essence from Missha, without any other products.

        Mittwoch, 30. Oktober 2013

        My actual exfoliating products Review

        I am a huuuge fan of exfoliating and peeling. Usually it's recommended to do this twice a week, but I exfoliate almost every second day.
        That's why it's important for me to have good products, that aren't too harsh.

        Here are the products that I've been using and what I think about them:

        Laneige Multiberry Yogurt Peeling Gel

        This is an absolute must have product if you have sensitive skin. This cream doesn't feel at all like a peeling. It feels so soft and has a really nice smell.
        It is actually not really a scrub, but the cream contains small little pearls that gives the cream exfoliating properties.
        I really like this product, because it's not harsh at all and good for all skin types.

        Cure Natural Aqua Gel

        This is one of the most amazing and impressive products that I've ever used!!! A product that shows you immediately results. It has amazing exfoliating properties and it feels almost like water.
        This product does the job. If you want to know more about it click here.

        Clinique Exfoliating scrub

        At first I thought that this scrub was pretty harsh.
        It smell like toothpaste. This scrub really reminds me of sand mixed with toothpaste. I'm not really a huge fan of that... especially because this tend to make it appear really harsh.
        When you apply it on your skin, you can really feel how it penetrates into your skin. I'm always really careful not to apply too much, because I don't want to damage my skin. I only use this product once a week.

        Montag, 28. Oktober 2013

        Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Lotion Review

        When I came to Tokyo, I didn't bring with me a lot of skin care products. I knew that it wasn't necessary since Japan is known for their amazing skin care products.
        The drugstores here in Tokyo are huge. There are soo many beauty products available. There are some popular brands like Shiseido, Bioré or Hada Labo, and also a lot of products that aren't really known in Europe.

        On most of the products the description is written in japanese. I can't read all the kanji signs, so I just picked the products randomly.
        I came across this product because there was written on the packaging that it was a bestseller in Japan. It really got my attention and I bought it.

        I used it for a week without knowing which brand it was. I only knew it was a lotion because of the consistency.
        Finally I decided to decipher the description on the packaging. I found out that it was from the brand Hada Labo. I purchased it for 880 円. The bottle contains 170ml fluid.
        I already heard about this brand back in my hometown. I wanted to purchase it back then online, but then I decided to wait until I come to Japan.

        More about Hada Labo

        Hada Labo is a japanese brand for skin care product. They have different ranges:

        AHA+BHA Cleansing 
        This range is based on an eggshell. It's formulated to clarify, brighten and promote skin cell renewal. It prevents blemishes.

        This range has a lot of different products. They all contain Hyaluronic Acid and are specialized in maintaining the skin balance moisturized.

        This range is specialized in brighten up skin tone and fighting dark spots. It contains Arbutin and Vitamin C.

        Lifting + Firming
        This is Hada Labo's anti-aging range. They have 5 products. They contain 3 anti-aging ingrediants: Retinol Vitamin A, Super Hyaluronic Acid and Hydrolyzed Collagen.

        es Series
        This range is specially made for sensitive skin types. This product contains Nano Hyaluronic Acid and Zinc. It helps to strengthen skin barrier fuction, reduce skin irritation and keeps skin healthy.

        BB Cream
        Hada Labo has also his own BB Cream. It offers a 10 in 1 benefit function.

        Product description

        As I mentioned before this product is a bestseller in Japan. Every 4 seconds a bottle is sold.
        This lotion is from the Moisturizing range.
        They also have a bestseller lotion in their Whitening range. I still haven't tried it yet.
        As the names range says this lotions object is to moisturize.

        What it says

        The lotion has a gel texture. This lotion can be used for any skin type.
        It doesn't have a smell and it's not sticky at all.

        How it works

        My face feels always really hydrated after applying it. It absorbs really fast in the skin. It leaves a fresh feeling behind and my skin feels really good.
        I really like the consistency because it's not to fluid nor is it to thick. It's really great to apply it like that.

        How to apply

        I apply it always after cleansing my face, twice a day in the morning and evening. I first massage it into my hands, then tap it slowly on my entire face. I don't rub it on my face.
        After a few seconds I can already feel how it absorbs into the skin. Then I proceed with my usual skin care routine.

        Softdrinks flavoured Lipbalms "Lip Smacker"

        Today I went to Germany Konstanz, grocery shopping. The city is right at the border and really close to my hometown.
        There we went to a huuuuge supermarket. They seriously had everything there and it was super inexpensive.

        There I came across this really curious and in the same time weird lip balms.
        They were softdrinks flavoured.... whaaaaaaaaaaaat?!? XD
        I can't believe I discovered them outside from Japan. :D
        OMG, the moment I saw it, I was sooo determinate to purchase it!! Then suddenly something stopped me. I thought that having a taste of softdrinks on your lips must be weird. Doesn't it make you lick your lips all the time?? (Everytime I say lick I feel like this is such a perverted word xD)

        On this product should be marked: Danger!! Your boyfriend might bite your lips. XD Don't you agree ;)

        Also for some weird reason I thought about flavoured condoms and wondered if there exist any coca-cola flavoured condoms... There is almost everything with cola flavour, right??? If not I need to launch it!! I would definitely become rich!! XD

        In the end I didn't purchase them.
        What would you have done? Would you have bought it?
        Does anybody of you own this flavoured lipbalms? If yes, what do you think about them?

        Sonntag, 27. Oktober 2013

        Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette Review

        Few weeks ago I purchased this palette along with the Naked palettes.
        If you are like me a huge fan of natural looking shades, then this palette is perfect for you!!!
        It has all the color that you need for doing any makeup look.

        Product description

        Urban Decay is probably most known for their Naked palettes. This palette comes with all the essential shades that are needed. The colors are really pretty and pigmented.
        Most of the colors are matte-shades. Only one shade "Venus" is slightly shimmery. (This just reminded me of Lady Gagas new song Venus :D, have you listened to it?? Do you like it?? 
        When I heard it, it kind of reminded me to the 80s :D, even if I wasn't even born then.anyways....)

        The packaging is pretty small and well-made. You can easily bring it with you whereever you are going. It also includes a mirror. There is no brush included.

        What it says

        Well that's kind of obvious they are basic eyeshadows. With them you can start any look. They are all essential shades, that you can use on a daily basis. You can use them for lids, liner or crease.

        Where is it available

        I got these palettes in Sephora in Milano. You can buy them online on Sephora as well.
        Now for my Swiss followers I have bad news. I've never seen Urban Decay in any store here in Switzerland. Nor can we purchase on Sephora. They don't deliver to Switzerland. Correct me if I'm mistaken. If anyone of you know an international website or how we can buy it, please let us know.

        My personal opinion

        I looove loove love it!! The shades are so pretty. The packaging is so small and pretty. You can create with these shades sooo many looks. It's really a must-have. =) Go get it!!

        Freitag, 25. Oktober 2013

        Laneige Water Bank Essence Review

        For those who don't know Laneige is a korean brand. "La neige" means the snow in French.
        This brand's philosophy is based on water.
        Speaking of water, I really like this brand because the products always feel really watery and non-sticky.

        Product description

        This Essence belongs to the "Water Bank" range. This range is specialized in delivering intense moisture to your skin. This product is one of Laneige's topseller.
        It comes in a glas container and has a pump, which is really convenient.
        It has a light pleasant scent.

        size: 60ml

        This essence has a creamy-watery texture. It doesn't flow.

        It looks really milky right after pumping it out from the bottle, but as soon as your rub it, it starts to look transparent.

        What it says

        • It's an essence for smooth and clear skin.
        • It's recommended for all skin types
        • Long-lasting moisture
        • For day- and nighttime

        How it works

        Include this essence in your skincare routine. Apply it right before your moisturizer. Since this essence already has moisturizing properties, you could skip the moisturizer.
        It is a really light texture and absorbs almost immediately after application into your skin.

        Where is it available

        Unfortunately I have never seen this product in a store. I usually buy it online. I would recommend Sasa or Yesstyle.

        My personal opinion

        This essence is really light and doesn't feel oily nor sticky. It absorbs really quickly into your skin, leaving it really soft and even. I really like that feeling. The bottle is super cute and convenient. It has a light scent, which is really refreshing. If you have really dry skin like I do, then this product alone is not enough!!! You need to apply a moisturizer after this essence.
        The fact that my skin absorbs the product really quickly could be because my skin is really dry at the moment and needs a lot of moisture.

        Donnerstag, 24. Oktober 2013

        Korean BB Cream Review

        What is BB Cream?

        BB stands for Balm Blemish. This cream was developped in Germany as a treatment cream after plastic surgery for smoothing and regenerate the skin. Soon this cream became really popular in South Korea.
        Nowadays they are worldwide used in a daily basis as a replacement for fondation or makeup base.
        BB creams have the following benefitial properties:

        • UV protection
        • improves fine wrinkles
        • corrects uneven skintone
        • moisturizing

        How I started to use BB Cream

        When I was younger I never used to apply fondation on my skin. I didn't have a lot of breakouts, so concealer and powder was enough to cover up everything.
        I never really was a big fan of fondation. I always thought they wouldn't be good for the skin. It felt like putting on your skin color.
        After I turned 20 my skin changed and I had far more breakouts and it was almost impossible to cover them up with concealer. That was the time when I purchased my first fondation. It was from Max Factor. It was a really light texture and didn't feel heavy on the skin, but I still was really sceptical.
        Around that time I discovered through my favorite Beauty-Youtuber Bubzbeauty bb creams.
        In a video she was praising about a bb cream from the brand Missha called Perfect Cover. I purchased it online on and started to use it. From that time I fell in love with them.

        What I like about BB Creams

        About bb creams I like that they aren't as pigmented and heavy as fondation. They feel more light on the skin. There are some that aren't really covering, but there are also bb creams that cover up surprisingly good. Most of them have sun protection.
        Good bb creams give your skin a flawless finish without looking cakey.

        My BB Creams

        I want to share with you the bb creams that I've been using in the past few years. For some reason all the bb creams are from korean brands.
        I ranked them from best to worst.

        MISSHA Signature Real Complete SPF25 PA++ No. 23

        This bb cream was reformulated for everyday use. It has UV protection, brightening and anti-aging properties.
        I only started to use it last summer and I really love it. I would say that this is the next generation of the Perfect Cover. It is slightly lighter. It's kind of hard to tell which one of these bb creams is better. Probably it depends on the skin. If you have just a few breakouts, where you don't need much coverage, then I would recommend you this one. It doesn't feel oily and gives your skin a really flawless finish.

        + light texture
        + good coverage
        + even and natural finish
        + SPF 25 PA++
        + packaging comes with a pump
        + small amount is enough to cover up entire face
        + 3 different shades
        + blends in with natural skin tone
        + flawless finish
        + oil-free
        + alcohol-free
        + moisturizing
        + smells really good

        - packaging is made of a hard plastic, can't evaluate at how much product is inside
        - I don't recommend it, if you have really bad acne.
        - weak SPF for really hot Summers

        Left: with BB Cream; Right: Bare Face

        Completely covered with BB Cream

        If you want to know more about this bb cream click here.

        MISSHA M Perfect Cover SPF 42 PA+++ No. 23

        This cream is suitable for acne-prone skin types. It has a great coverage. If you are suffering from really bad acne, I would definitely recommend to use this BB Cream. It can be used as a fondation or a Make up base.
        It's great for summer since it has a high UV protection.
        I only ranked it at the second place, because it's really hard for me to tell which one is better. I loooooooooove this bb cream. It helped me so much in covering up my acne in the past. But now that my skin has recovered a lot, I don't need much coverage anymore and since the Signature Real Complete feels lighter, I prefer it over this one. Don't get me wrong, I really do love this BB Cream!! It will always be one of my favorite bb creams.


        + good smelling
        + packaging comes with a pump
        + good coverage
        + natural and even finish
        + packaging can be cut open when it's almost finished
        + SPF 42 PA+++
        + flawless finish
        + blends in with the skintone
        + Oil-free
        + Alcohol-free
        + good for acne-prone skin

        There is not really something that I hate about this bb cream.

        Perfect for summertime
        In some countries it may get really hot and humid. It gets kind of hard to find a product that stays on for the whole day. This bb cream is perfect for those hot days. Not only does it stays on the entire day, but it also has SPF 42. I think this bb cream has almost the highest SPF content ever. It doesn't look cakey and it kind of reppells the oiliness.
        I used it during the entire Summer in Tokyo and I never had problems.

        Left: with BB Cream; Right: Bare Face
        Completely covered with BB Cream

        If you want to know more about it, click here.

        ETUDE HOUSE Precious Mineral Bright Fit SPF30 W13

        I really like this bb cream. It comes really close to the Missha bb creams. It has a good coverage and gives a flawless finish. It doesn't feel oily and stays on the whole day. Unfortunately I wouldn't recommend to use it in really hot and humid days. It starts to look really unnatural on the parts where your skin gets oily and sweaty over the day.  

        + light texture
        + packaging comes with a pump
        + 4 different shades
        + good coverage
        + UV Protection / SPF 30
        + good smelling
        + oil-free
        + blends in with natural skin tone
        + flawless finish

        - on oily T-zone it starts to look cakey
        - not really good for Summer

         Missha Super Aqua Cell Renew Snail BB Cream SPF30

        As you might have noticed, I really like Missha's bb creams. I really have to praise their coverage.
        Missha's BB Creams always worked for me. They were never disappointing.
        I was just in the mood to try out a new bb cream from Missha and decided to try this one.
        At first I was kind of sceptical, but I really have to admit that it is a great product. It covers up really smoothly. It doesn't feel oily at all. It kind of has a heavier texture, than the other Missha bb creams.
        The weirdest about it is the smelling, it smells like nature. It contains snail cream, so yeah... for some people it might be really disgusting to put on your face snail cream.

        + good coverage
        + medium light texture
        + natural finish
        + flawless finish
        + good for acne prone skin

        - packaging
        - weird smell
        - only one shade

        Left: with BB Cream; Right: Bare Face

        Completely covered with BB Cream

        The FACE SHOP Oil-Free BB Cream 

        Recently my skin has become so much better, I have less breakouts and blemishes. I don't need as much coverage as before. I had this BB cream for a while and I couldn't really use it, because it didn't cover up like I wanted it to.
        Now it's a really great product. it doesn't feel oily nor does my face look cakey during the day.
        It was developed for oily or problem skin, this means that with this cream, oily and problem skin should improve quicker and effectiver.

        + light texture
        + neutral smelling
        + oil-free
        + specialized for oily or problem skin
        + flawless finish

        - doesn't contain SPF
        - light coverage
        - only one shade
        - no pump

        Left: with BB Cream; Right: Bare Face
        Completely covered with BB Cream

        THE FACE SHOP Aqua Tinted SPF20 Light Beige

        This BB Cream feels really moisturizing. Unfortunately its coverage isn't that great. It doesn't cover up bad acne. If you are looking for a product to even out your skintone then this product is great, but if you need a good coverage then this is the wrong product. It also only comes in one shade and that shade is actually pretty light.

        + light texture
        + smells good
        + contains SPF 20
        + doesn't feel oily

        - only one shade
        - light coverage
        - small packaging
        - no pump

        Skin79 Super BB Cream Triple Funktions

        I hate it!!! I heard so many good things about this product, but I was only disappointed in it. It made my skin really oily, the coverage was medium and it felt so heavy on my skin. I hate that feeling when even after applying powder your skin still feels sticky. This was the case with this bb cream.

        + design of the packaging
        + SPF 25 PA++

        - Skin becomes really oily
        - feels oily
        - thick texture
        - feels sticky

        I wrote a post challenging bb creams and fondation, if you want to know more about it click here

        What are your favorite bb creams and why?

        Left: with BB Cream; Right: Bare Face
        Completely covered with BB Cream

        Mittwoch, 23. Oktober 2013

        Missha The new Fragrances for Woman Special Edition Review

        Hurray!!!! Missha came out with two new fragrance.
        And of course my boys from TVXQ are the representative models. =)

        In Japan they were having an offer with the signs of TVXQ on the bottles. How amazing is that?!?
        I just had to purchase it as my farewell gift from Tokyo.

        The names of this perfumes are:
        • black bottle: just don't care
        • white bottle: let it be

        With the fragrances I received also some cards with TVXQ and the female model on it.

        The fragrances are again extraordinary good-smelling. I prefer the black bottle over the white on.
        All-in-one they look really elegant.

        It's also possible to purchase them individually. I'm not sure if the bottles with the signs are still available. It could be that they were a limited edition.

        Here is the review from my YT-channel:

        I'm finally a proud owner of SK-II Review

        Before departing from Tokyo, I made myself a little present...

        SK-II is one of Japan's most prestige cosmetic brand. It is worldwide known for it's amazing skincare products.
        One of their bestseller is the Facial Treatment Essence.

        What is SK-II aiming to?

        This company was searching for over 30 years for a natural ingredient that would make the skin more beautiful. They found this ingredient in sake yeast. Which they call PITERA.

        They are aiming for a cyristal clear skin.

        What are the benefits of Pitera?
        • Texture
        • Firmness
        • Wrinkle Resilience
        • Even Skin Tone
        • Radiance 

        PITERA Essential Kit

        I actually was aiming for the Facial Treatment Essence. I was about to pay it, when the lady told me that there would be a kit, that was almost at the same price as the Essence alone. I decided to buy the whole kit, which includes:

        • Facial Treatment Essence 75ml
        • Facial Treatment Clear Lotion 30ml
        • Cotton pads
        • Facial Treatment Mask (1x)

        Facial Treatment Essence 75ml

        It's not really the biggest bottle, but I'm still super happy, that I finally was able to buy it.

        This product contains over 90% of Pitera. Studies have shown that over 80% people agree, that this Essence makes skin smooth and moisturized.

        What is it for?
        • Moisturizer
        • Softness
        • Healthy looking skin
        • Smoothness
        • Improved texture

        Now that I've been using this product for almost 1 month, I have to say that it is really amazing. My skin looks so much healthier than before.

        How my skin changed:
        • Softer
        • Clearer
        • Less breakouts
        • Breakouts heal faster
        • More even texture
        • Less oiliness

        I bet if I keep up using this product, it will prevent skin aging.

        No wonder this product is a bestseller. With only 1 product I can achieve so much more, than with 5 products.

        Facial Treatment Clear lotion 30ml

        To be honest I never was really interested in the other products from SK-II... But I change my mind.
        Buying the kit was the best decision ever!!

        I applied this lotion with the cotton pads that came in the kit. It felt really soft on the skin and moisturizing.

        What is it for?
        • helps skin exfoliation by removing dirt and dead skin cells

        How my skin changed:
        • even texture
        • softer
        • smoother

        May I ask you when I have to apply this lotion? Before or after the Essence?
        I always appied it before the Essence, but now I think that this was wrong... Isn't the Essence the first step after cleansing your face?

        Super soft cotton pads

        Facial Treatment Mask (1x)

        As for the mask, I still wasn't able to use it. I'm really looking forward to this one too. =)

        My opinion about SK-II 

        I'm really happy that I got the chance to test SK-II. I really have to admit, that the Essence is one of the best products that I have ever used.

        Even though SK-II products are really expensive, I rather pay more for one product, but buy less products.

        I'll definitely repurchase the Treatment Essence again.
        I'm still not quite sure about the lotion though. But I might be thinking about purchasing it as well.