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Montag, 16. September 2013

The Challenge: Maybelline Masterliner vs. Revlon ColorStay Eyeliner

Both cosmetic brands Revlon and Maybelline, launched new Eyeliner here in Japan.

From left to right: Maybelline rich black and Revlon black brown

Maybelline Masterliner

First impression
When I was comparing this eyeliner with the Revlon eyeliner at the store, I thought that it wasn't as pigmented as the Revlon ones.
I was first sceptical, if I really should buy it or not. I was totally going for the Revlon Eyeliner. In the end I decided to test it out.

Price: 1250 Yen (9.50 EUR)

+ Pro's
  • There are 2 different colors: brown and black
  • The eyeliner stays on for about 8 hours
  • Perfect for your waterline. I usually need to reapply any eyeliner, because it doesn't stay on for long. With this eyeliner, it stayed on the whole time.
  • It doesn't smudge
  • It's waterproof
  • Colors are not as pigmented, it gives a more natural-looking finis
  • It can easily be removed with eye-makeup remover

- Wish it was better
  • The eyeliner comes without a sharpener 
  • Colors are not as pigmented. For a stronger effect you need to apply more layers

Personal opinion 
I'm happy that I purchased it. I chose the rich black over the brown. I'm definitely sure that I'll go back and buy the brown as well.
Even if the color is not really a strong black, you can still apply more layers, so it gives more definition. Also it looks more natural, when it's not as pigmented. It still looks really great. It's also perfect for your waterline. I always needed to reapply any other eyeliner on my waterline, but with this I could easily stay out for a whole night without reapplying it.

Revlon ColorStay Eyeliner 

First impression
While testing this product at the store, I noticed that the application was really smoothly. The colors were really pigmented. I immediatly saw that the colors were different from the Maybelline eyeliner.

There are 3 different colors available: black, black brown and brown
I first wanted to purchase all the 3 colors. In the end, I decided to test out the black brown color. I still could go back and repurchase the other colors, if I liked it.

Price: 1200 Yen (9.12 EUR)

+ Pro's
  • There are 3 different colors: black, black brown and brown.
  • Smoothly application
  • The colors are really pigmented
  • There is a sharpener on the back. Perfect for traveling.
  • Good for smokey eyes
  • It can easily be removed with eye -makeup remover

- Wish it was better
  • Unfortunately I noticed that it starts to smudge after about 4 hours. When I'm only waering eyeliner without eyeshadow, I can see trace of the eyeliner on my crease.
  • after about 4 hours you need to reapply eyeliner on the waterline

 Here are the different ways on how you can use the eyeliner, depending on how the peak is sharpened.

Personal Opinion
I'm kind of happy that I didn't purchase all of the colors. I usually really like to apply only eyeliner without eyeshadow. It would really bother me, if I have to check all the time, that I don't have eyeliner traces on my crease. Then again I really love the packaging. It comes with a sharpener which is amazing. I mean who doesn't have those moments were the peak breaks while your outside!! It makes it a perfect product for traveling.

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