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Donnerstag, 19. September 2013

Skinfood Black Sugar Strawberry Mask Wash-Off Review

I can't believe it!!!! Black Sugar Strawberry?!? Whaaaat??? How cool is that!!! It's a new product from Skinfood. It just came out recently here in Japan.

OMG guys, it smells sooo good!!! I wish I could actually post the smell of it. It's amazing!! It gives me a feeling of relax and coziness. It kind of reminds me of a tea that I own and it's sooo good!!!
The smell kind of reminds me of fall-time. It gives me a warm feeling.

The texture of the product is slightly different from the black sugar mask wash-off. It's a little bit more watery.
This product contains also sugar pearls for its exfoliating properties, but it also has strawberry seeds inside, that makes it feel slightly softer.
On my opinion it also feels more moisturizing, because of the strawberries.

I got this product in a set with a small bottle of the Black Sugar Serum at the Skinfood store in Shinjuku.

About the product

Price: 1890 Yen (14.15 EUR)

Size: The pot contains 100 gr.

Where can you find it: Skinfood store or online on

How it works:

After cleansing your face, massage a small amount of product in circle motions all over your face. Try to avoid eye and mouth area and concentrate on the acne prone spots.
Leave it on for about 10 minutes, then while massaging your skin, rinse it off with luke warm water.

How it feels:
Compared to the black sugar wash-off, it appears to me that the strawberries give more of a fluid texture. This cream gives a really fresh and soft feeling.
It exfoliates really well. I had some breakouts going on and thanks to this wash-off it eased them. They are not completely gone, but the are not as big as they were before.


  1. I love this mask! I didn't know they had Skinfood in Japan, how exciting :) I agree that it feels very moisturising, and you make a good point about the strawberry seeds making it much softer than the original. I MUCH prefer this to the Black Sugar Mask, I am a bit obsessed now hehe ^^ Thanks for your review!

    1. They have almost all the korean brands in Japan =) If I'm not mistaken they are about to open the first Thefaceshop store =) really exited for that =) I'm out of Skinfood products and was using some other products and I really have to admit that I miss Skinfood!! I really prefer their products over the others =)
      Thanks for reading my blog!!!

  2. I wish there was a SKINFOOD store like this one here in Brazil. My dream is to go on a phisycal store of skinfood.
    I'm planning to buy this mask, thanks for your review :)

    1. Aww That's really unfortunate =( but fortunately there are a lot of online shops =)
      Thank you for reading =)