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Dienstag, 17. September 2013

Girls Drama: My Favorites: Gillette Venus SPA Breeze Review

Ok, lets talk about some serious stuff here!! :D
I mean who doesn't need a razor... right?!? There are several parts of your body, that should be shaved. On my opinion, it looks automatically more hygenic and feminine.
Actually when I came to Japan, I saw that girls were also removing hairs from their arms. I'm not sure, if I missed that trend or if we just don't do it in Switzerland... I've never removed them there. It never really crossed my mind and it would be such a pain to do it all the time...
What do you guys think about it?? Arms?? Shaving? Waxing?

Laser therapie?!?
I actually heard that nowadays you can laser away the hairs, so that they will never grow back. I'm not sure, if it's only an asian thing or if it's international.
If you have experiance with laser therapie, please let me know what you think about it and how it was. =)

Shaving blades infused with gel bars
When they started to sell shaving blades infused with gel bars, I was really doubtful. I thought it wouldn't work properly or the gel wouldn't last long enough and just fall off after a few days.

I was pretty surprised about the result after I tried them. They work really well. Venus has some different kind of these blades on the market. My favorite among them is the SPA Breeze.

I've been using this blade for the whole summer. I received a lot of compliments regarding on how my legs looked and I could definitely tell a huge difference too.

Venus SPA Breeze

The packaging contains 3 blades. Tha razor is pink and looks really feminine. The gel bars have a white tea scent, which gives a really relaxing feeling. The only thing that you need beside your razor is water.

+ Pro's

  • One blade lasts me for about 2 - 3 weeks.
  • This blade doesn't cause any white dots on your skin
  • It's really soft on the skin
  • It doesn't irritate the skin
  • you don't need any shaving gel anymore
  • perfect for traveling
  • No matter how careless I was shaving, I never had any cuts.
  • It takes definitely less time

- Wish it was better 

  • This blades are a bit more expensive than the regular one.
  • Sometimes the gel bars fall off too early

Personal opinion
This product is for me a lifesaver. Since I started to use this product, I don't need any shaving mousse or gel anymore. These blades might be a bit more expensive, than the regular one, but they are totally worth the money.
You have definitely less worries and it takes less time to shave. Who doesn't have those days, when you have to hurry, but "nooooo!!" you still need to shave your legs. With this blade it makes it so much easier to shave. On top of that, it makes your skin appear flawless, soft, smooth, without any cuts or white dots.
If only they would fix the problem with the gel bars falling off too early. It would make this product perfect.

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