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Montag, 9. September 2013

My Favorites: Face Primer Review

What is a face primer?

A face primer is a cream that you apply before your fondation. There are different kinds of primers. There are primers that fill in fine wrinkles, lenghten the amount of time the fondation last on your skin, provide a fine complexion, keep your skin moisturized, prevent the appearance of oiliness and help applying the fondation more smoothly.
There are also tinted primers, that even out your skin tone.

If you follow me you might know that I use BB Creams instead of fondation. Most of the BB Creams serve as primer as well, but I still like to apply primer before my BB Cream.
I used to do this because of my breakouts. A year ago I had really bad acne and my skin was really red. I used to apply a tinted primer to even out my skin tone.

I usually like to change my primer, according on how my skin is at that moment.

The following products are right now the current primers that I'm using:

Etude House Dream On Base - Slim & Gover SPF22/PA+ #1 Mint Dream

A primer with SPF... Wow, I just realised that, while I was writing this post.
This primer is good for people who tend to have red spots.

It contains 45ml.
It a green tinted cream.

In short terms:
  • for a bright complexion
  • UV protection
  • contains hyaluronic acid
  • green texture

I got this base primer at Etude House store. I bought it because of my red spots, that I had a few months ago. It really brightens up my face. My makeup stays on the whole day. It doesn't get oily during the day.

On the picture it appear really heavy, that's because I took way too much product. In reality it isn't heavy at all. It's really lightweight.
  • As an advice don't apply too much on your skin or your skin will look white.
This product used to be available on
When I went to check, if they still had it, I only found the purple tinted one.

Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser

Ehhh... Yes right!! Baby Skin by Maybelline...
I only saw this product here in Japan. Not sure if it's available somewhere else then here.

It contains 22ml.
It's a gelly texture almost invisible. 

In short terms:
  • Poreless Smooth skin
  • lightweight
  • breathable 
  • oil-free
  • like baby skin

As the name says, this product makes your skin feel like baby skin.
After applying this product my skin feels so smooth and even. It's a really amazing product.

Online it's available on

Etude House Goodbye Pore Ever

This primer is specially made for thightening pores.
It's really similar tho the Maybelline Baby skin.

It contains 20ml.
It's somewhat between a gelly and creamy texture.

 In short terms:

  • improve makeup coverage
  • moisturizing
  • matte finish
  • minimize large pores
  • controlling sebum
  • lenghten makeup lasting time

It even out the skin and makes it feel really smooth. It's a great product for who has large pores.
It is actually one of my absolute favorite primer.

Online it's available on

Missha M Signature Real Complete Blending Primer

I bought this primer together with the M Signature BB Cream. It was recommended to use these 2 products together.
Something that I always notice about Missha's products, are that they always smell so amazing.

It contains 45gr.
It's a glossy cream that gives shine to your skin.

In short terms:

  • provide shine
  • long-lasting
  • healthy skin tone with natural glow
  • moisturizing
  • firming
  • contains snail extract

This primer has a glossy texture to provide shine and gives your skin a healthy complexion with a natural glow.

Online it's available on

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