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Montag, 30. September 2013

My Favorites: Best Drugstore Eyeprimer: Manhattan Base Line Eyeshadow Base Review

This is maybe one of my favorites eyeprimer ever.
It is the first eyeprimer that I've ever used. I really really love it.

  • It's really long lasting. It makes my eye-makeup stay on for almost 12 hours.
  • It doesn't crease at all.
  • It has a light shimmer that makes your eyes brighter.

The product comes in a small pot of 8 gr. It's a creamy texture with shimmer sparkles.
The pot lasts for a really long time. I would say almost 1/2 year.

I like to apply this primer with my bare hands. On my opinion it's the easiest way to apply it.

Since it's a drugstore product, it's also really unexpensive. Instead for going for really expensive product, try this product. It's a real bargain.

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