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Mittwoch, 11. September 2013

My Favorites: Missha The style perfect Concealer Review

Natural Beige
The moment I tested this product in the Missha store, I fell in love with it. It covers up soo smoothly without using too much product.
As you can see, I used this product that often, that it's almost empty.

  • It comes in 2 different shades. Light Beige and Natural Beige
  • It comes in a small container with 3gr.
  • easy to appy (I recommend using a concealer brush or a beauty blender)
  • Cream type concealer
  • Unexpensive (only 660 Yen = 4.95 EUR at the Missha store) online you can find it on

How to apply:
I personally apply concealer always after BB Cream or fondation. That's because most of the BB Cream and Fondation do already have concealing properties. They cover up most of the spots that need coverage.

I apply concealer under my eyes to lighten up dark circles and on the spots that couldn't be covered up by fondation or BB Cream.

What's the right shade?
As for the shade. Choose always a shade that matches your skin perfectly.
Don't use a lighter color, this will only highlight the spots that you want to hide.

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