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Sonntag, 29. September 2013

Girls Drama: I cut my hair!!! From extremly long to super short!!

Since I can remember it, I always used to have long hairs.
When I was younger I never went to the hair stylist. My parents used to cut my hairs. We rarely did that, so my hair became really long with the time. I also never colored them.
My hair are really thick and healthy looking, so people were always praising my hair. I started to appreciate my long hair and couldn't bring it over me to cut them.
I wanted them to be longer and longer. Everytime I cut the ends of the hair, I always felt that they became too short again.

I never thought about cutting or coloring them.

In April 2013 I fulfilled one dream of me and went to Japan. There I got to know the japanese Summer and no joke, it's really hot in Summer. It was everyday around 37°C and the worst was the humidity. It made that heat even worse.

I always put my hair in a bun, because I wasn't used to this heat and it was way to hot to leave my hair loose.
I started to get really tired of my bun and started to wonder how I would look like with short hair.
To be honest I also got a bit inspired by Miley Cyrus. As she cut her hair, I was really surprised. I always loved her wavy long hair and suddenly they were gone. Even though, I love her new hair style. It looks so amazing on her. This is why I was starting to think how I would look with short hair.

During my time in Japan I was also looking for some changes.

One day in the beginning of July, I decided with my friend to go cut my hair.
We went to a hair stylist in 109 in Shibuya.
I asked them to cut my hair a bit over my sholders. The hair stylist was kind of surprise about it. He asked me how come I wanted to cut them. I just told him my story and that I wanted to chance something.

I was really satisfied with the result.
It was for me the first time having short hair and I have to admit, it's really comfortable.

Short hairs are easier to treat, it takes less time to wash them and they are lighter. For a moment I was even thinking: "Why didn't I cut them earlier!?"

A few weeks later, it was a day in August. I was with my same friend and we went for lunch. We were talking about how fast my hair grew long again. Suddenly we were searching on Google for some new hair styles. Then out of nowhere we just decided to go to the hair stylist again.

We went to the same hair stylist in Shibuya and I cut my hair to the point, where I couldn't tie them together anymore.

I actually I wanted to cut them even shorter. I saw a picture of Keira Knightley, where she was having some super short hair. I really liked it and was about to cut my hair the same way, but I was kind of afraid, if it would look good on me. So I decided just to cut them a bit shorter and look how it looks on me.

In the end I really liked how my hair looked and started to believe that my head was made for short hairs. I decided to go to the hair stylist again before leaving for my hometown.

So in the end of September I went again to Shibuya and made the Keira Knightley inspired hair style.
I fell in love with it. I seriously loove my short hair. Especially the color is amazing. It's such a typical japanese color. =) I really really like it =)

No one ever believed that I would cut my hair. Not even I could believe it. I was so proud of my long hair. They were my trade mark. I could never bring it over me to cut them.
I believe that if that time comes where you think about cutting them, then go for it. This moment only comes once. If you are not sure about cutting them then don't do it! Do it only when you are sure about it! Otherwise you will maybe just regret it.

What do you guys think about it? What do you prefer more, Long or Short hair?

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