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Mittwoch, 7. August 2013

My Favorites: Missha Time Revolution The first Treatment Essence Review


When I first saw this product, it totally reminded me of SK-II Essence. I was about to buy it, when suddenly the lady in the Missha store gave me 3 samples from that product.
I decided to first try out the samples before buying it.
The samples lasted me almost 2 weeks and I could already tell a difference in my skin appearence.

Product description

This product is used as the first step after cleansing your face. It belongs to the "Time Revolution" range from Missha. It has a really fluid texture. Doesn't feel oily nor sticky. It comes in a glass bottle with 150 ml.
It contains 80% of yeast. The product absorbs into skin right after application. It doesn't feel sticky nor heavy. There is not really a smell to this product.
The main object is to improve fine lines and skin tone.

Time Revolution Range 

This range protects the skin and treats skin problems, like aging. It's a range for pore, firm and healty skin.

What is yeast

Yeast belongs to the group of fungi. It consist of a lot of Vitamin B. Vitamin B improves the rate of metabolism and helps mantaining a healthy skin.
Recently it was proved that Yeast is a great product for the skin and yeast containing product have increased.

What it says

This product is not meant for any special skin type. Everyone that wants to improve their skin complexion can use this product.

It has the following benefitial properties: 

  • hydrates
  • restores
  • anti-wrinkle
  • rejuvenates
  • gives gloving complexion
  • improves fine wrinkles
  • improves skin tone 

How it works

You use this product as the first step right after cleansing your face. I always apply a small amount of it on the palm of my hands and tap it lightly over my face.
It absorbs almost immediately after applying it and it feels like some kind of cover. I really like this feeling and it feels really moisturizing too.

My experience with this product

Here is how my skin has changed after using this product.
  • I have really acne-prone skin and it's tend to a lot of breakouts. With this product I definitely have less breakouts! Not only does it prevents them, but they also appear to heal faster than usual
  • My skin feels smoother
  • My skin looks brighter and the acne scarring and red spots seem to brighten up with the time
  • If feels really great on the skin, I like the feeling right after applying it. It kind of feels like a layer of skin

My personal opinion

I love this product. As I purchased the big bottle, it was on sale for 50% off. Which is a bargain!!
I really recommend this product. It has changed my skin a lot. I'm happy that there is a product on the market that actually works as well as this one.

Compared to the SK-II essence, it is definitely less expensive. Here in Japan it's 4200 Yen. (about 32 EUR)

Where is it available

This product is available in every Missha store.
I saw that they are selling this product online on Yesstyle, which is my favorite online shop and they deliver worldwide and also really fast.

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