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Mittwoch, 21. August 2013

How to remove Makeup (before Cleansing)

Removing your makeup before going to sleep is really important. Everyday we are exposed to so many bacteria, which are damaging for our skin. Going with a cleansed face to sleep helps you prevent future breakouts and keeps your skin healthy.

Instead of using a makeup remover, I always used a cleanser that removes also makeup. I read in a book, that makeup that wasn't properly removed, can cause fine lines and dullness.
Since then I started to remove my makeup separately.

I use two different products to remove my makeup. I remove first my eye makeup and afterwards my face makeup.

1. Eye Make up
I first remove my eye makeup. It's the part of the face where we have most of the makeup on.
I like to use an oil-based eye makeup remover with cotton pads.

Try to wipe with your cotton pad from your eyebrows on downwards.

I still couldn't find the perfect eye make up remover.

Right now I'm using the MISSHA Lip&Eye Makeup remover.

For so far it's ok. It's alcohol-free. It removes liquid eyeliner, pencil liner and eyeshadow. It has kind of a hard time to remove my Mascara. It takes a bit longer.

I purchased it in the Missha store.

2. Face Make up

When I'm finished with removing my eye makeup, I cleanse my entire face with a cleansing oil.
I massage the oil all over my face, also on my eye area. I massage it for about 1 minute and afterwards I rinse it off with luke warm water.

Etude House Eraser Show Cleansing serum

Before using cleansig oils, I tested this cleansing serum.
This serum is really light textured. It removes not completely all the makeup on your face. Compared to the cleansing oil, it doesn't last as long as them.

I personally prefer using a cleansing oil than this one.

This product is available in the Etude House stores.

Shiseido Perfect Oil

This is my first cleansing oil that I ever used. It is my absolute favorite one. I also wrote a post about it. Just check it out.

Online it's available on

Bioré Perfect Oil

Bioré is a product range that belongs to the japanese Kao Group.
It removes my makeup really quick and leaves a really nice feeling behind. It smells really good. I think it's grapefruit.

Online it's available on
It might be that this product is only available in the drugstores in Japan and not all over the world.

Traditional way to remove make up --> Olive Oil

If you don't want to spend money on buying make up remover, then I recommend using a product that basically everyone has at home.

Olive Oil

Olive oil has been used for skin care for many years. It doesn't only remove your make up, but it also moisturize your skin. Olive oil has a lot of benefitial properties for your skin. It can be used for all skin types.
Mixed together with castor oil it gives a perfect make up remover.

Removing make up with oil-based products? What about acne-prone skin? Doesn't it cause acne?

This is what I always though, when I saw oil-based face products.
Since I have acne prone skin, I always tried to avoid all products that contain oil.
After coming to Asia, I discovered that they had more oil-based products. Since asians are known for their flawless skin, I was kind of surprised.

I found out that there are some types of oils, that your skin actually needs. Not using any oil-based products can lead your skin to be too dry.

After starting to use oil-based products my skin didn't break out more. On the opposite side. I feel that I have less breakouts now.

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