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Freitag, 30. August 2013

Etude House Baking Powder Pore Cleansing Foam Review

After seeing Lee Hongki using this product in the korean Drama "You're beautiful", I totally fell for the commercial trap and had to buy it.
Yeah commercial like these can really fool me... As an advise don't be like that ;)

This is actually my first Cleansing foam from Etude House.
Back in Switzerland, I usually was using the Multi cleanser from Leneige and here in Tokyo I started to use a product from Shiseido.

This Cleansing foam totally reminds me of the Leneige Multicleanser. The consistency of the foam is the same. This product has also those little sand grains and the smelling is quite similar too.

Product description

(3 in 1 type) 170 ml

  • exfoliates skin
  • penetrates pores for throughout cleanse
  • removes makeup
  • removes sun protection
  • removes dead skin cell layers

How to use

A small amount is enough to cover up the whole face.
After removing your makeup (or with your makeup on), massage the foam on your wet skin. Massage it for 1 minute and then rinse it off with luke warm water.

Right after taking it out of the tube

After massaging it on the skin

The consistency after adding a bit of water

How it works

  • It makes my skin feel really clean
  • nice and fresh feeling
  • doesn't irritate my skin at all
  • less breakouts
  • less blackheads 
  • lemon smell

I really like this product. I cleanses really well. It has also a really affordable price it's around 700 Yen (5.39 EUR)

Online it's available on or

There is also another Backing Powder Cleanser. The difference:
  •  The other one removes BB Cream
 Since I already remove my makeup before cleansing my face, I feel that I don't need a cleanser, that removes BB Cream.


  1. I love the post, especially Korean beauty products.
    Can't seem to buy enough since I live and blog about it here
    Drop by :D

    oh and my friends always ask where to buy is actually selling internationally now !

    1. sorry for the late reply.. I kind of only now saw your comment :O
      haha yeah I know what you mean =) I'm the same.. I'm buying one product after another xD