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Donnerstag, 18. Juli 2013

Shiseido Perfect Oil Review

Recently I started to use cleansing oils to remove my make up.
I used to avoid all oil based products because I thought they would cause acne.
Actually it's not really like that. There are some oils that are actually good for your skin.

Before removing my make up with the cleansing oil, I used to cleanse my skin directly with a cleansing foam without removing my make up first.
Even though the products I was using were specially made for removing make up, it still felt a bit weird.
I decided to first remove all my face make up before washing my face.

In Japan cleansing oils are really popular. If I'm not mistaking this cleansing oil is one of the best selling cleansing oil in Japan.
Shiseido is well known worldwide for their amazing Skin Care product. In Japan Shiseido as many different Lines and a lot of products are not known outside of Japan.


  • It removes waterproof makeup and blackheads, leaving a fresh feeling behind.
  • It protects the skin moisture.

The packaging was really practical. It came with a pump, which is really important for me.
The smelling was pleasent. One bottle contains 150ml.

How to use it

Before washing your face, remove your eye makeup with an eye makeup remover. Then massage the cleansing oil all over your dry face for about 2 minutes. Rinse it off with luke warm water, then proceed with washing your face and your usual skin care routine.

Why using Shiseido Cleansing Oil?

After starting to use this product, my skin started to feel differently. It felt more softer and even. I felt like giving my skin vitality. I had less Blackheads than before.
My skin felt more moisturised.

Using a cleansing oil before washing your face is definitely better, than removing your make up while washing your face.

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