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Samstag, 6. Juli 2013

My Favorites: Maybelline baby Lips Review

About Maybelline Baby Lips

The Maybelline Baby Lips are lipbalms. They are called Baby Lips because after a week your lips should feel like baby lips. They are moisturizing for 8h. They come in different scents and shades. They are drugstore products.

I have at least 10 of these lip balms. Quite of an addiction. For me they are the most amazing lip balms ever!! Unfortunately I still haven't seen them in Europe.

Until now I've seen 3 different types of them:

These are the first one that I purchased. I think they are the asian version, since I only saw them in Asia or on asian online shops. I purchased them online on

They come in many different flavors and they have SPF20. They actually are my favorite among all of them. They are really moisturizing and they smell good. Unfortunately they are not tinted.

They cost 300 Yen.

They come in 6 different scents:
6 - Mango Pie
4 - Energizing Orange
5 - Cherry Velvet
2 - Anti-Oxidant Berry
1 - Fresh Mint
3 - Sweet Chili

Glow Edition
2 - Mixed Berry
1 - Mixed Berry

This edition has a light shade, that gives your lips a rosa shade.

Limited Edition
2 - Protecting Berry

I was introduced to them through some beauty gurus on Youtube. I think those are the american version. I found them by coincidence in a store in Tokyo.
They are quite different from the others. They come in different shades and smell incredibly good. On my opinion compared to the others they aren't as moisturizing as them. It appears that they also don't have SPF.

They come in 6 different shades:

25 - Pink Punch
15 - Cherry me
  5 - Quenched
10 - Peppermint
20 - Grape Vine
30 - Peach Kiss

I just got them recently while grocery shopping. I was suuper duuuper exited, as I saw that they were tinted lip balm.
They are slightly different from the other asian version.
They all have the same mint scent and they only have SPF13.

They cost 500 Yen.

They come in 5 different shades:

2 - Pink Addict
3 - Pink Lolita
5 - Coral Flush
4 - Poppy Red
1 - Sweet Peach


  1. I LOVE Baby Lips !!! I live in America so I have the American version you mentioned. I've never seen the others ! I may try to buy those online (: the American version came out with an electro collection. I did a post on it .. .. & they are bringing out something new to the Americas also maybe a Baby Lips lipgloss. I also did a post on it too (: ...check them out (: I added your blog to my reading list !!

    1. Seems like apparently they have some different product for each country... unfortunately I still haven't seen them in Europe!! They are definitely the best lip balms that I've ever tried!! =) oh thank you I'll add you as well =)