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Freitag, 26. Juli 2013

Liquid Eyeliner Review

Recently I've been really into liquid eyeliner. I always used to apply eyeshadow, but since it became really hot and humid here in Tokyo, I started to only apply eyeliner. Maybe it's also because here in Japan the girls don't really use a lot of eyeshadows. They always tend to look as natural as possible.

I've been testing several Eyeshadows now and I wanted to let you guys now what I think about them.

Koji Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner (5/6 points) 1260 yen

This eyeliner comes in two different shades: black and brown.
It was created by the famous japanese Gyaru Tsubasa Masuwaka.

I really really looooove this eyeliner. It used to be my favorite eyeliner because it was so easy to apply. The colors are really matt. The brown looks actually really natural, as if you are not wearing any eyeliner at all.
It creates a beautiful thin line. It doesn't smudge. It stays on for about 6 hours.
I recommend not to use it in really hot days, because it tends to smudge a bit on the ends of the eyelids.

The packaging is really cute. The brush is really thin and it's easy to draw a thin line with it.

It's kind of hard to purchase this product outside of Japan. I used to buy it on

Maybelline Hyper Sharp Liner (6/6 points) 1260 yen

This Eyeliner is one of my absolute favorite eyeliner. The brush is really thin and it's so simple to draw a thin line. It stays on for about 10 hours and doesn't smudge at all.
I've been using it during these hot days a lot and it never disappointed me.
It is a beautiful matt black. The packaging looks pretty cool too.

Etude House Drawing Show Brush Liner (4/6 points) 1100 yen

This liner is really great. The color is really matt and pitch black. It stays on for the whole day, I would say about 8 hours and doesn't smear. It's really easy to apply it. The brush is a bit thicker then the others, but it's still possible to draw a pretty line with it.
The packaging looks like a pen.

It is online available on

Maybelline Lasting Drama Pen Gel Liner (2/6)

This is a really unique Liner. It tend to be a bit difficult to pull out the right amount. 
It has a special applicator that seems to be kind of hard for applying, but it is actually not that of a big deal. It's possible to draw a really thin line with it. I still prefer the usually pen liquid eyeliner because they are easier to apply.

Unfortunately it tends to smudge during the day. I tend to have dark lines on my eye crease.

Maybelline Lasting Drama gel Liner (4/6)

This product comes with a double sided brush. It has a lining brush and a smudging brush. It's really easy to apply it. It stays on for the entire day without smearing.
I really like the gel liners from Maybelline, they last a long time and don't smear at all.

The brush is ok. It is kind of small. I prefer using bigger brushes than this one.
After using the brush you should always wash it, or the bristle will become really hard and it gets hard to apply the gel on the eyelids.

Let me guys now what your favorite Liquid Eyeliner are. =)

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