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Sonntag, 23. Juni 2013

My Favorites: Bourjois Lipstick Rouge Edition 13 Rouge jet set Review

While shopping through the beauty stores in Hiroshima, I came across the Bourjois Rouge Edition lipstick. The red lipstick really got my attention. It is a really beautiful and clear red.
I compared this lipstick to other red lipsticks at the store and there was nothing similar to it. It was the only lipstick with a clear red and a good pigmentetion.

I don't own a lof of red lipsticks. I never really used to apply red lipstick, because of my thin lips. I always thought it would just look weird and make the lips appear thinner than they already are. I always tried to make my lips not stand out too much.
Recently I've been enjoying this lipstick. I often wear it and I really like it.

The lipstick has a light scent, a bit like roses. As mentioned above it's really pigmented. It doesn't dry out. It's really long lasting. I would say it stays on for almost 6 hours. Even while eating it doesn't smudge nor does it loose its color.

I compared this lipstick to my other red lipsticks that I own, but nothing comes close to it.
From left to right: Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Suede N. 95, Bourjois Rouge Edition N. 13, Etude House Dear My Jelly lips N. 2, Revlon Lipbalm No. 70.
As you can see all the other colors aren't as pigmented as the Boujoirs one and they have like a pinkish / orange shimmer.
The also look again different on the lips. Especially they don't last as long as the Bourjois Lipstick.

How I apply it:

Before applying the lipstick I like to contour my lips with a lip pencil liner. In this case I'm using the Bourjois Levres Contour N. 20.

I apply the pencil liner all over my lips. After that I apply my lipstick over it.

To make my lips appear fuller, I use my lip liner to contour my upper lips a bit over my lips.

Let me know what you think about red lipsticks and if you have a lipstick that you would recommend.


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