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Dienstag, 14. Mai 2013

Skin Care Routine Etude House Aloe Moistfull Review

I recently changed my skin care routine to the Aloe Moistfull from Etude house. The lady in a korean beauty store told me this line would be good against acne.

Only weeks later another lady told me in another store, that I shouldn't use this line, since it dries out the skin and my skin is already really dry. Which I didn't know, because I always thought I would have oily to combination skin, since my T-Zone gets pretty oily during the day.

As the name says this product contains Organic Aloe and Baobab Tree. It helps to moisturize the skin while lifting and tightening it.

There are different products available in this range.

About the packaging

I'm a bit disappointed about the packagings. They come in glass containers which is really cool, but they don't come with a pump. Like this it's really difficult to take out the right amount of product. I always end up having too much product.
The soothing cream doesn't come with a spoon, which is also really disappointing.
I think product that have a packaging like that just need to come with a spoon, since it's really dehydrating taking out the cream with the fingers.

Skin care routine

First Essence

This isn't a totally fluid essence. It's more a gel textured essence. It smells really good. It feels a bit sticky after application and doesn't absorb immediately in the skin.
I'm not really a fan of this one, I wasn't really impressed by it. I would say there are better products available then this one. I can't really get used to the consistency. I really prefer if it would absorb immediatly. It's also really hard to take out the product from the bottle. I always end up having waaaaaaay to much product....


This lotion has a cream fluid texture. It smells really good.
It feels really light. After applying it on the skin you can't even feel the itchiness from the essence anymore. It absorbs really fast in the skin and leaves a fresh feeling behind.

Soothing cream

This cream absorbs immediately in the skin. It's not oily at all.
Unfortunately it doesn't come with a spoon to take out the product.
It smells really good and is a really light product.
It came with a small sample of the Soothing gel. (The small tube next to the cream)

I general I think this is a really great range. I really like Etude House.
They definitely help preventing future breakouts, because after starting to use it, I had less breakouts then before. Unfortunately I couldn't see any big difference on my acne scars and inflammations. It's not a miracle product and it definitely need time until the skin got use to it.