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Montag, 28. Oktober 2013

Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Lotion Review

When I came to Tokyo, I didn't bring with me a lot of skin care products. I knew that it wasn't necessary since Japan is known for their amazing skin care products.
The drugstores here in Tokyo are huge. There are soo many beauty products available. There are some popular brands like Shiseido, Bioré or Hada Labo, and also a lot of products that aren't really known in Europe.

On most of the products the description is written in japanese. I can't read all the kanji signs, so I just picked the products randomly.
I came across this product because there was written on the packaging that it was a bestseller in Japan. It really got my attention and I bought it.

I used it for a week without knowing which brand it was. I only knew it was a lotion because of the consistency.
Finally I decided to decipher the description on the packaging. I found out that it was from the brand Hada Labo. I purchased it for 880 円. The bottle contains 170ml fluid.
I already heard about this brand back in my hometown. I wanted to purchase it back then online, but then I decided to wait until I come to Japan.

More about Hada Labo

Hada Labo is a japanese brand for skin care product. They have different ranges:

AHA+BHA Cleansing 
This range is based on an eggshell. It's formulated to clarify, brighten and promote skin cell renewal. It prevents blemishes.

This range has a lot of different products. They all contain Hyaluronic Acid and are specialized in maintaining the skin balance moisturized.

This range is specialized in brighten up skin tone and fighting dark spots. It contains Arbutin and Vitamin C.

Lifting + Firming
This is Hada Labo's anti-aging range. They have 5 products. They contain 3 anti-aging ingrediants: Retinol Vitamin A, Super Hyaluronic Acid and Hydrolyzed Collagen.

es Series
This range is specially made for sensitive skin types. This product contains Nano Hyaluronic Acid and Zinc. It helps to strengthen skin barrier fuction, reduce skin irritation and keeps skin healthy.

BB Cream
Hada Labo has also his own BB Cream. It offers a 10 in 1 benefit function.

Product description

As I mentioned before this product is a bestseller in Japan. Every 4 seconds a bottle is sold.
This lotion is from the Moisturizing range.
They also have a bestseller lotion in their Whitening range. I still haven't tried it yet.
As the names range says this lotions object is to moisturize.

What it says

The lotion has a gel texture. This lotion can be used for any skin type.
It doesn't have a smell and it's not sticky at all.

How it works

My face feels always really hydrated after applying it. It absorbs really fast in the skin. It leaves a fresh feeling behind and my skin feels really good.
I really like the consistency because it's not to fluid nor is it to thick. It's really great to apply it like that.

How to apply

I apply it always after cleansing my face, twice a day in the morning and evening. I first massage it into my hands, then tap it slowly on my entire face. I don't rub it on my face.
After a few seconds I can already feel how it absorbs into the skin. Then I proceed with my usual skin care routine.


  1. i want try hada labo lotion too *.* would you like to follow each other ? ^.^ let me know <3

    1. then you should try it out =) I really like it. Yeah of course I'll add you right away =)

  2. Great review! This is new to my eyes :)
    ~Pauline @Eucerin Philippines

    1. Thank you =) It's really popular here in Japan. =)