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Dienstag, 30. April 2013

Huge Etude House collective Haul

This brand recently got my attention.
Usually I buy my products online on, but since I came to Tokyo, I didn't order them.
I decided to go visit the Etude House store here in Tokyo. I wanted to see, if the stores are really so cute decorated as I heard.
After some researches on internet, I found out that there was an Etude House at the Lumine Est floor B1 in Shinjuku. At first I couldn't find it. But after looking at the floor guide, the second time, I could decipher Etude House in Katakana. As I arrived at the store, I could see pink all over the place. The store looks soooo cuute. I want that furniture too!! Right in front of Etude House is Skinfood and there is also a Missha store near by.

Etude House
B1F 3-38-1 Shinjuku,
Lumine Est store in Shinjuku, Tokyo

I purchased a lot of products even knowing that in Korea they are waaaay cheaper then here in Japan. But still I couldn't resist it.

LOL... I'm in Japan so why am I purchasing korean products. That's so unreasonable! =D

OK let's have a look on what I purchased:

Plumping Lip Tint (#1 red + #2 pink)

These lip tints smell like chewing gums. Really yummie. They feel so great on the lips. They have a silicone tip as applicator. I was unsure about it at first, but it really works great.

Skin care routine products

Aloe Moistfull First Essence

1. step - It's a gel textured essence
It feels somehow really itchy on the skin, but after applying lotion there is no trace of the itchyness anymore.

Aloe Moistfull Soothing Lotion

2. step - Light watery texture
Compared to the essence it's really light. My skin feels really fresh after applying it.

Aloe Moistfull soothing cream

3. step - cream
It came with a small sample packaging of the soothing gel.
The lady in the store told me that it would be good against acne. Sadly there comes no spoon with the product.

Bling Bling Eye Stick
#1 Shooting Star --> white
#3 Pink Supernova --> pink
#9 Golden Tail Star --> light brown
#7 Orange Fox Star --> golden
#10 Little Bear Star --> dark brown

They are used for brightening the eyelids. They come in different colors.
These brighteners are really popular in Asia.

Dream on Base - Slim & Gover

This base has a green color. It's great for covering up red spots.

Lip Brush / Cream Touch Brush

The lip brush is actually a travel size brush. The end can be removed and used like a cover.

Missing U Lip Balm #2 Kakapo, #1 Eagle Owl

These lip balms reminds me a lot of the EOS balms. They are really cute. They look like dino's eggs. They have different scents and colors.

Sweet Recipe Candy Stick

These are pigmented lip balms. They smell like strawberries. Really yummie.

Dream On Powder #2 Apricot Beige

I wasn't using loose powder for a looong time. Now I decided to try this one out.

Brightener #3

It is a powdery eye brightener. It comes in different colors.

Surprise Essence Concealer #1 light Beige.

This concealer comes in two different color shapes. The brush shape is really special. I haven't seen it before.

Drawing Show Brush Liner

I started to use brush liner not long ago and recently really like to test different brands.

Eye Lashes

Here in Tokyo I see fake lashes all over the place. I really wanted to try them out because I never used to apply lashes. I didn't know which brand I should take and in the end I decided to try out this here.

Tear Eye Liner (#1 white + #4 bronce)

From the packaging they look like liquid eyeliner. They come with a thin tip brush. There are different colors available.

Fresh Cherry Tint Pk1 Cherry Pink

It smells like cherries. It is a creamy texture.

Essence Mask - Hyaluronic Acid
Oil Control blotting paper
Collagen Eye Patch

I took the masks just for trying them out.

Nail Polish

Don't you guys think the ice cream polish is the cuuutest thing ever?!? I wasn't really sure about the color, but it seriously looks soooo cool.
The pink one looks also really cool. It has a neon touch somehow.

Goodbye Pore Ever - Pore Primer Essence

Somehow this reminds me of Benefits Pore Primer. That's why I purchased it.

I couldn't decided which bottle I should take. In the end I decided to take the sample packaging with all.

Precious Mineral BB Cream Bright Fit SPF 30

I heard about this BB Cream a lot of good comments.

Aloe Moistfull Smoothing Gel

This gel is great for refreshing the face.

Blackhead Heating Deep Clean Gel

I got curious about the word "heating".

Silk Scarf Moist hair mist

I neve used a hair mist before. This one smell soooo good.

Wonder Pore Freshener

This got my attention because of the writing "7 in 1"

Lovely Cookie Blusher #2 PK002

They come in different colors. I think the packaging looks really cute.

Eraser Show Cleansing Serum

I apply this gel after I removed my eye makeup.

Baking Powder Pore Cleansing Foam

I purchased this foam after watching "you are beautiful". Jeremy used to use it in the movie. This is how I got inspired. :D

Dual Show Volume Mascara

I was running out of Mascara and saw that this one was new and it also has a smaller brush for the under lashes.

Cream brush

I needed a brush like this for a long time. I'll use this brush for my self made face masks.

Look at Eyeshadow

Sweet Recipe Chocolate Highlighter

Woow just look at the colors!!!!

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