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Freitag, 11. Oktober 2013

O'slee Review

Hi Lovie Dovies =)

A few weeks ago I purchased on this serum. I thought the description of the product was really interesting and I just gave it a try.

O'slee Anti-Acne Essence

The bottle comes with a pump what's really practical. I always used two pumps of product and this twice a day before the moisturizer.
I purchased it on for 12$.
It's a somehow an oil essence but it absorbs immediately. It feels really refreshing and doesn't burns on the skin.

What's written on the packaging:

It contains 13.9ml.
The bottle is really small and comes with a pump. It lasted me for 18 days, what's a really short period. I applied it in the mornings and evenings. I always used two pumps and only applied it on my acne spots.

anti-acne and removes blemishes, whitens and rejuvenates blemishes, reduces roughness and scars
In this short period while I was using this product I couldn't really see a big difference from before.
My skin has a really uneven tone. I have a lot of red spots on the cheeks and chin. It didn't changed even after using this product. My face was still red and really uneven.

Dries out acne and pimples in one night.
How many products say that but until now I haven't found one that really did that. I still had my pimples the next day I woke up. Maybe it had more of a preventing effect since I had less pimples then before.

Makes skin smooth as silk with even tone.
As mentionned before it didn't even out my tone, but I felt like my face was a bit silkier then before.

- the feeling it gives after applying
- the texture, it's really light and absorbs immediately
- the silky effect on the skin

My rate for this product: ** of *****
I personally am a bit disappointed in this product. Especially because the packaging is sooo small. It didn't work for my skin or 18 days were to short to see any big improvements. This bottle should contain more product. Maybe with more time there would be a better result.

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