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Sonntag, 10. März 2013

My Hair Care Routine

Hi Lovie Dovies =)

I receive a lot of compliments because of my long healthy hair.
On the other side I also hear a lot of people criticizing my hair, like: "Did your hairstylist die?" or "Why do you keep them soo long?"
I always tent to get annoyed about those comments, but nowadays I just let them speak what they want. I love my hair the way they are. I don't see a reason why I should cut them and until I don't do it on my own will, they will be as long as I want them to be.

I see a lot of other girls with long hair. I'm always admiring them. Even thought my hair have the same length, but those long hair are sooo beautiful to look at. I wonder if my hair give the same expression.
Still I also see girls with horrible looking hair. Their hair are full with visible splits, due to not cutting the ends of the hair properly and with the time the splits become longer. They just look unhealthy and dry.

Long healthy hair seems to be a lot of work, but actually it's not. Here are some advises on how I treat my hair.
Herbal Essence (left) for shiny hair, (centre)
for split hair, Pantene Pro-V Volume

How often should I wash my hair?

Wash your hair at least every second day. There are a lot of shampoos available. I like to change my shampoos every now and then. I always use shampoos that are appropriate to my hairtype. I've really been enjoying the Herbal Essence brand. They all smell sooo good especially the one for split hair (red tube). I got to know this brand through an interview with Leighton Meester in a magazine. She was praising this product. I'm a huuge fan of Leighton aka Blair Waldorf and I really love her hair. They always looks soo healthy and shiny, so I just had to try the Herbal Essence.
It really treats my hair well and until now I couldn't complain. I'm using it for about 2 years now and I'm really happy with the result. Before I started to use Herbal Essence, I used Pantene Pro V. That brand was ok. I also used to have Garnier and L'oreal. It's really up to you to find your favorite shampoo.
Herbal Essence (left and right)
for split hairs, (centre) for shiny hair

If you have thin hair then you should skip this step. The conditioner will only make your hair look thinner.
I have really thick hair and I'm using conditioner for a really long time now. My mom always told me to use it. If I'm not using it, it feels like something is missing.
Conditioner makes my hair more silky and I love that feeling. I always use the matching conditioner to the shampoo.
My mom always told me to use a small amount and mix it with water, so the packaging would hold longer. I tried it once but failed.
But I should really try it again, since this method would really save me a lot of product. 

Hair Mask

Herbal Essence (left) for split ends, (centre) for perfect curls,
Vitalcare for dry hair
I only started to apply a hair mask last year in November, because my haircutter recommended me to do so. I used to be way to lazy to apply a hair mask. If I would apply one, then under the shower for about 10 minutes not more.
She said that my hair looked really dry and lusterless. If I would apply a mask they would look healthier. She recommended me to apply it for at least 30 minutes. The hair needs time to absorb the product and the longer it stays on the better it is.
Now it became a weekly routine. I always apply a mask from my hairline until the end of my hair on Sundays after showering. I let it on for about an hour, then I rinse it of with luke warm water. My hairs looks healthier and shinier now. Since she said that I have dry hair, I'm using hair masks for it.


Pantene Pro-V for night, Liese hair cocktail, Schwarzkopf got2b
anti-frizz lotion, Pantene Pro-V Serum, Herbal Essence
I somehow treat my hair like my face. Shampoo and conditioner are like cleanser and toner. So now I need a moisturizer. I always apply them after showering.
I like to apply a moisturizer on towel dry hair. First I put a small amount on my hand and  massage into my hands. Then I apply it on my hair, concentrating more on the hair tips then the upper side. After application I dry my hair.
There are a lot of different kinds of moisturizers. From oils to creams. There are also creams to apply before bedtime.

Here are some products that I've really been loving recently:

- Liese Hair Cocktail: This stuff is amazing. I purchased it on
It's a mixture of water and oil. Before application you have to shake it and the fluid suddenly looks really milky. It smells like peaches, sooo yummie. It doesn't feel oily at all. My hair became more silky after I started using it. The packaging seems small but it really goes a long way.

- Pantene Pro-V Serum for split hair: I purchased this product in a drugstore in Italy.
It's smells really good. It has a really oily texture, but after application the hair doesn't feel oily at all. Before applying it on my hair I massage it into my hands, then I gently apply it on my hair tips.
Schwarzkopf got2b guardian angel,
Pantene Pro-V 

Blow dry or let the hair dry naturally?

Back in the years I always let my hair dry by nature. Nowadays I don't have always that much time to dry them naturally. When blow drying the hair I always apply heat protection spray. For me it's a MUST. If heat comes near the hair always use heat protection spray, especially on the hair tips. It's the most delicate part, where splits can easily be formed.

How often should I cut my hairs?

For thin hair I recommend to cut them every 3 months.
For thick hair every 6 months is already enough.

Some advises to keep your hair healthy

1. Protect your hair from sun damage.
- The sun can really damage your hair. Oils are a good protection against sun damage. There are a lot of products available in drugstore. Also if you don't want to spent much money, just apply olive oil or coconut oil. They are both really moisturizing.
Use a hat when you are outside. Don't expose your hair directly to the sun.

2. Stress
Schwarzkopf got2b rockin' it, Batist classic
- Stress is beauty's biggest enemy. It will lead to hair fall or even worse to white hair. Live your life cheerfully. Stress isn't just bad for your hair but also for a lot of other things. 

No time to wash your hair?

I think this happens to everyone. Always being in a rush that there is no time to wash the hair. But someone already thought about that and nowadays there are many different kinds of dry shampoos available in drugstores. But please  don't think that dry shampoo can replace washing your hair with shampoo. They only let your hair appear cleaner because they remove the excess oil. So your hair won't be as clean as they are while washing them. So don't rely on them too much.

How to grow your hair long?

Ok, honestly I have to admit that I have really good genetics. My dad has a lot of hair and they are suuuuper healthy. My mom used to have long hair when she was young.
What really is important is to be patient and to care for your hair. Look after them properly. Cut your tips regularly. Don't think that without cutting them they grow faster. You're not doing you any favor if in the end you have to cut half away again because they have everywhere splits.
Eat a lot of vitamins. They'll keep your hair stronger.

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