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Dienstag, 5. März 2013

Monthly Favorite February 2013

Helloooo everybody... =)

Finally March!! =D Springtime is coming soon. =) I'm soo excited. I'm so sick of winter and cold days. Seemed like the sun wasn't shining for such a long time.. The days are starting to get longer and warmer. Yeeeey and soon I'll be leaving for Japan!!! I'm sooooo excited!! can't wait for it.

Ok, now here are my favorites of February:

Laneige Multicleanser
This is an all time favorite. I quit using it like a year ago and recently started again. Seriously I don't know what I was thinking back then when I quit using it. This cleanser is sooooooooooooo amazing. I love love love it!! There's needed only a small amount. It cleanses really well, it even removes makeup. After cleansing my face it feels soo clean. On my opinion it even helps reducing acne. I also used to have the foaming cleanser from Laneige, but I prefer this one. Maybe it's not really recommendable if you have dry skin, since this cleanser dries out a bit. I have oily to combination skin, it's perfect for me.
It is available on

The Body Shop Cherry Blossom Hand Cream
I'm using this hand cream for almost 2 years now. I absolutely love the smell of it. Recently I've been having really dry hands, so I've been using it a lot more and it really works well. It keeps my hands really moisturized, but I seriously need to apply more hand cream during the day..
It absorbs immediately after application and it's a really nice watery consistency.

So Central Faux-Leather Boston Bag
I looooooooooooooove this bag. =) I purchased it on Yesstyle. This bag was such a bargain. I got it with 50% off. Actually a few days ago I found out that they are selling the same bag in different colors. =) I'm definitely going to purchase one in another color as well. =)
I think this bag has a perfect shape. It's not too big and not to small. It has a lot of space inside. I love the studded details on the bottom.
It's also wearable on the shoulder, since it has a strap. It has two pocket on the outside and also pocket in the inside of the bag.

Koji Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner
Dolly Wink is a brand created by the japanese Gyaru Tsubasa Masuwaka. She's popular for her dolly appearance. I heard so many good thinks about her eyeliners and I finally got my hands on it. I still don't own the black eyeliner because somehow it's always sold out when I'm trying to make an order on yesstyle or That's why I purchased the brown one. Actually I never used to have brown liquid eyeliner. I was a bit skeptical about it at the beginning, but still gave it a try. Seriously it is an amazing product. It's great for drawing thin lines and the brown gives such a natural effect. Soo pretty. I'm definitely going to purchase the black one as well.

The Body Shop Indian Night Jasmine Body Lotion
I alway apply lotion after showering and I really like the body shop lotions. They smell soo good. Until now my favorite was The Cherry Blossom lotion. Now I have discovered a new one. It's the Indian Night Jasmine. Seriously this stuff smells like a bunch of flowers mixed together. Sooooo good!! It gives me a really relaxing feeling and keeps my skin really moisturized.

The Body Shop Eyelash Curler
I never used to have an eyelash curler. I thought it would just damage my eyelashes and not making any difference. Lately I started to get curious about eyelash curler and purchased this one.
I was really surprised at how easy it is to curl the lashes with it. It seems like it was created for my lashes. It fit so well. An Eyelash curler really does gives more volume to the lashes. I'm using it everyday now and I can't live without it. 

Let's move on to my favorite song of the month:

It definitely has to be Shinee!!! I love them they are amazing.

Ou yeah and because it's me I have another one: =D

Yesung-oppaaa <3<3<3 he's the king of OST's... His voice is soo special=) Love love love this song

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