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Montag, 11. November 2013

Manicure step by step

Hi Lovie Dovies =)

Since I'm leaving for Japan soon, I had to take off my gel nails.
At first it felt so weird. My nails were so short and they looked really weird without a color.
I couldn't apply any nail polish for 2 days, because my nails needed time to recover after all this pressure.
I felt a bit uncomfortable without nail polish, even thought my nails looked clean it just wasn't right.

My nail artist gave me a base coat and top coat from OPI.
I didn't knew that I had to apply a base coat before applying the color.

Since I don't have the patient and don't want to spend too much time in Japan for my nails I asked her, if there were products available to let everything dry faster.
She gave me from the brand Alessandro a bottle of drying drops. I just need to apply it after I'm finished with the top coat.

Today I tried applying nail polish after nearly 4 years and here is how I did it....:

1. Wash hands
This is a really important step. Before applying something clean your hands properly. There shouldn't be any dirt on the hands.

2. Shorten the nails
I would have shorten my nail with a file, if my nail artist wouldn't have done this already, when I went the last time to her. I use a nail file from Alessandro that she gave me some time ago. I need to keep my nails really short because they are so fragile at the moment, since an entire nail coat is missing and they would break up easily.

3. Base coat
After threatening the nails my hands should look clean and it's time to apply the first coat. I start with a layer of base coat from OPI. After that I wait for 1 minute before the next step.

4. Nail color
I don't own a lot of nail polishes so I purchased a new one from Essie called Lovie Dovie. It's a really pretty pink color, I really love it. I applied 2 layers of color with a 1 minute break between the two layers. After the second application I wait for another minute.

5. Top coat
The last step is the top coat. I use the one from OPI. Apply 1 layer and let it dry for 1 minute.

(6. Drying drops)
This is an additional step. It's not necessary...
After I applied it, I thought it would create an uneven texture on my nails, because it didn't covered up my entire nail. Actually it absorbed really fast and there is no trace of the fluid anymore.
Still my nail artist told me that they aren't 100% effective and I still have to wait for about 15 minutes. The one that I have is from Alessandro.

I still waited for 30 minutes, because back in time when I used to apply polish on my own, I never waited long enough and then I hit somewhere and all my hard work was wasted...
That was a reason why I let my nails be done by a professional.

After my nails are completely dry I apply a hand cream, since years I'm using the Cherry blossom hand cream from The Body Shop. I love the smelling and it has a watery consistency, so it really absorbs fast in the skin. Sometimes When I have really dry hands, I would also apply nail oil before the hand cream.

--> PS Did you know that the bigger the bottle of the nail polish is the better is the quality of the product!?! ;)

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