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Samstag, 9. Februar 2013

The story behind my Gel Nails

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Today I made my nails at my usual professional nail studio. Somehow after that I felt like writing a post about it. I let my nails be done since a long time and i can't imagine doing them on my own again.

Importance of treating hands

It's really important to look after our hands. Beneath the face it's the second thing that people would notice when looking at someone. Our hands are always exposed and apparent to the public. Everyone would notice if they are not well treated. They tell a lot about your personality and lifestyle. Well treated hands are always an eye catcher.

My personal experience with my nails

When I was younger I always tent to bite my nails and cuticles. My mum would always scream at me because of that. I didn't really listen to her and just kept biting them. When I think back that really used to look disgusting. Sometimes I bite so much that it would even hurt.

At the ago of 15 I managed to stop biting my nails and started to let my nails grow longer. I wasn't really good at applying nail polish. I didn't wait long enough until the polish dried, so it always smeared. Also my nails would  break up a lot, because I hit somewhere or they just weren't strong enough
How I get to know about gel nails

Once my sister brought me to her regular nail artist. I went with her because she used to have gel nails and I was always admiring her nails. They were always so pretty and beautiful. I wanted that too, so I asked her to take me with her. Her nail artist didn't apply gel on my nails because it was way too expensive for me. So she put on my nails a nail polish and made them look really beautiful.
I started doing gel nails regularly at about the age of 16 when I started my apprenticeship and started to earn money.

What are gel nails?
I always thought that would be fake nails, but they aren't. It's just a small layer of gel that is applied the natural nails to make them stronger and harder. 

How to find the right nail artist

There are a lot of nail artists around, so it tends to get difficult to find the right one.
I see a lot of girls that let their nails be done professionally but it seriously doesn't looks good at all. Like the layer of gel is way too thick or it's cracky. It really looks cheap and I would never recommend wasting money for that. The best way to find a good nail artist is definitely by recommendation. 
Also look for a nail artist that has a officially acknowledged certificate. Don't be satisfied with only standard white French and monochrome colours. There are so many different varieties to do gel nails. The choice is immense and it always surprises me when I go to my nail artist.

How often should gel nails be done

If you let your nails be done by a professional, you should go regularly. My nail artist recommends to reapply the gel every 4 weeks.
It really isn't worth going only once in a while and then waiting for about almost 2 month. If you want to let your nails be done professionally do it right!!

Profit about visiting a professional

I am a really lazy girl if it come to nails. I never really applied polish regularly because I wasn't good at it. Letting them be done professionally was the best option for me. My nails always look gorgeous. I don't need to spend time on them. If they are done right they look good for about 4 weeks. I can't imagine doing them on my own again. There are a lot of designs and options available. A good nail artist can create almost everything. 

Disadvantage of doing them professionally

I see only 2 disadvantage in doing gel nails professionally: The one  that I see is that I have to keep the same design for 4 weeks. Well I could change it more often but it would cost waaaaay too much. But I got used to it and it really is acceptable. The other one is that they are a bit on the pricy side. (But still it's saves a lot of time and nerves =))

Here is were I do my nails:

nail design carmen
Lindenhofweg 4
9430 St. Margrethen
Telefon +41 71 740 05 71

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