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Samstag, 9. Februar 2013

The Challenge: Sedona Lace vs. Sigma - Professional Makeup Brushes Kit

If it was me 2 years ago I never would have thought about using brushes on my face.
It never even crossed my mind. I always used the small brushes that were in the purchased product-packagings.
Today all those little brushes that comes with the products are all unused until the product is consumed...

No one ever told me about makeup brushes and I never knew there were so many of them. I live in a small country were we don't have many varieties of products, especially in the beauty section we are really short in a lot of stuff. I just recently saw in a store, that they started to sell "Revlon makeup brushes". I was really surprised about that.

Honestly it makes a difference, if you apply makeup with professional brushes. I would never have believed that, if someone would have told me that before. I mean if eyeshadow is of a good quality, the application can be done with anything, right? That's not true!!
Professional brushes can give a precise application, and you can do different makeup looks, that are not possible to do with the tool that comes with the eyeshadow. What I realized after starting to use those brushes is, that I don't need as much product as I needed before.

Sedona Lace - Professional Makeup Brushes / Pink

The Sedona Lace Makeup Kit were my first beauty brushes that I ever own. I purchased them on the Sedona Lace Website. I took the pink kit. Back then the Synthetic brushes weren't available. I didn't want to purchase the black one because they seemed boring.
I heard about this brushes in a Youtube-video from a beauty-guru "Thatsheart". She was talking about this brushes in a video and I fell in love with them.

+ it's good value for the price
+ fast delivery
+ good quality
+ the colour pink, really girly
+ all essentials are included
+ different types of brushsets available

- they don't come with a cupholder
- some brushes loose their bristles right at the beginning (blush brush, powder brush, dou fibre brush)

Sigma Brushes - Essentials Kit  Mrs. Bunny

I also discovered Sigma through Youtube-Gurus. Sigma has compared to Sedona Lace a bigger choice of brushes. They have more different types of brushes. In their Essential Kits they do have the same brushes like the Sedona Lace brushes. Sigma is more expensive then Sedona Lace. Quality comes at a price. =)
I purchased my brushes on their Sigma Website

+ very good quality
+ fast delivery
+ brushes come with a cupholder
+ different colors
+ all essentials are included

- price

My personal opinion

If I only could take one Makeup Brush Kit, I would definitely go nuts. I need at least two different makeup Kits. I love both Sigma and Sedona Lace. Even if the quality of Sedona Lace isn't as great as Sigma's quality I still love them. If you want to have great brushes without spending too much money I would definitely recommend Sedona Lace brushes. The result of using them is great.

Treat the Brushes!!!

This is a must. I wash my brushes every time after using them. I wash them with luke warm water and baby shampoo. I feel uncomfortable using the brushes twice without washing them before. It's like smearing bacteria all over the face. I don't want that. If you are too lazy to clean your brushes every day, then I would recommend you doing it at least once a week. 
Just wet the bristles, don't wet the brush handles. It would only loosen the glue and the bristle would fall out. Let the brushes dry with the bristle side down.
Treat your brushes properly. Don't trow them, don't let them lay around, don't squeeze them, don't pull the bristles out. The more you care for your brushes the longer is their lifespan.

Additional Brushes

Sedona Lace Midnight Lace Synthetic Brush Set:

I own also this little kit. I love them. I use the Round Top Powder Brush and the Flat Top Powder Brush for Fondation application and they are so amazing. The result is great. i use the Kabuki brush for Powder application. I even purchased an additional Kabuki Brush because they looked soo cute. The quality of the products is impressive.

Sigma Brow and Lash E80 + Tapered Highlighter F35

I love Sigmas Brow and Lash brush. It really helps me in doing my brows.
The tapered Highlighter brush is amazing for Highlighting and I can even apply easily my blush.

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