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Dienstag, 26. Februar 2013

Remembering London Sunday Lookbook

Hi Lovie Dovies

Last Sunday I just wanted to wear my black Converse again. I haven't worn them for a long time... maybe since winter started and the days were so cold and snowy. Actually we still have snow and it's still freeeeeeeeeeezing outside (I'm really tired about that, I hope spring comes soon, can't wait for the snow to disappear). Anyways I just had the feeling to wear them and somehow everything ended like this: =)

I<3 London awwwwww how I miss that town!! had such an amazing time with my sister =)


Of course with my favorite bag right noooow =)=)=) from yesstyle

Duckface :P

Keep always a smile on your face =)


  1. You hair!!! *o*
    So long and so pretty! Is it your natural color?

    1. awww thank you sooo much =) yes it is =) but actually i cut all of my hairs a month ago :D now they are suuuupershort :D i can't even do a ponytail anymore :D

    2. I've just seen your new haircut and even though your long hair was amazing, this new haircut is also really pretty *v* I wish my natural hair color would be that beautiful >< but it isn't so i dye my hair ^^

    3. thank you so much =) ohh really? what is your natural haircolor? I'm about to cut them even more soon and also color the tips a bit. =) kind of a ombré hairstyle