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Sonntag, 27. Januar 2013

My experience with Clinique 3-Step System Anti-Blemish Solution review

Hi everyone I wanted to share with you the experiences I made with Clinique's 3-Step System Anti-blemish solution.

My skin type:

  • acne-prone
  • combination to oily
  • sensitive skin.

Why I started to use the anti-blemish solution:

Before I started to use the anti-blemish solution, my skin was covered with some pimples on my cheeks and blackheads on my nose. Also my cheeks were kind of red.
before the anti-blemish solution

I started to use the anti-blemish 3-Step System back in September 2012. At first I only used the cleanser with a Toner from Laneige and for the moisturizer I used Clinique's dramatically different moisturizing gel. (A really great product for oily skin types)
Since I couldn't really see a difference, I decided to try out the anti-blemish toner and moisturizer.

After a week using them my skin became even worse. I immediately went to the Clinique store. The lady in the store told me that it would be normal for the skin to get worse after starting to use some new products. She explained to me that since the products started to have effect on my skin all the dirt that's inside of my skin starts come out.
I thought that her explanation made sense and kept using it for about 3 weeks. 

My skin didn't calmed down at all, it became even worse!! It was horrible. I felt so uncomfortable in my own skin. It broke out so much. I never used to have so many pimples and blackheads as I did during that time. My face looked like a tomato. Using products seemed impossible since all those blemishes and inflammations started to burn. 

after the anti-blemish solution
I started to think back at the time when my skin became so irritated and red. (Not including the acne problems) I thought about different things, like if I started to eat something new, or using new beauty products or medications.
After some reflection I started to realize that I started to use Laneige's Pore trouble skin refiner around that time. I remembered that I was really impressed with it, since it treated my acne really well. But as a result my skin became irritated and red. I didn't really realized that back then.

Now I needed to find a connection between the Laneige toner and the Anti-Blemish Solution. I immediately thought about the toner, obviously. I started to inform myself over the ingredients that are contained in those two products. 
As a result I found out that both of them contained ALCOHOL. I knew that the Clinique toner contained alcohol because of the smelling, but I was surprised about the Laneige toner.
On various Websites i read that alcohol isn't really recommended for sensitive skin types.
I decided to test it and stopped using Clinique's toner. After only one day my skin calmed down a lot. I was speechless. 
Almost a month has passed since I didn't used the toner anymore and my skin is still a bit red but I can see how it's slowly fading away.

My personal evaluation of the 3-Step System:

the cleanser: The anti-blemish cleanser is really great for sensitive skin. It comes with a pump and I love products with that. Three pumps were enough for washing off the entire face. 
I don't know if it washes away make-up, since I always remove my make-up with a make-up remover before washing my face. (--> I definitely recommend you guys to do that too)

the toner: As a result of using this toner, I came to the conclusion that my skin is allergic against alcohol-based products. I can't evaluate this product at all because of that matter.

the moisturizer: Since my skin was sooo damaged from using alcohol-based product, it's hard for me to tell how well this product worked.

In short terms:

Clinique Anti-blemish solution Cleansing foam

+ packaging comes with a pump
+ oil-free
+ perfume-free
+ 3 pumps are enough to cleanse the entire face
+ it's a foaming type
+ gentle on face

- doesn't last for very long
- only in two sizes available
- doesn't treats acne problems

Clinique Anti-blemish solution Clarifying lotion
+ oil-free
+ perfume-free
+ last for a long time
+ effective on pimples

- contains alcohol (not recommended for sensitive skin)
- smells really strong of alcohol
- only in two sizes available

Clinique Anti-blemish solution Clearing moisturizer

+ oil-free
+ perfume-free
+ moisturizing effect is good

- doesn't treats acne problems
- doesn't last for a long time
- only in two sizes available
- there is no packaging with a pump

This is all my personal opinion. If the Anti-blemish solution didn't work for me, it doesn't mean that it won't work for you. I would definitely recommend to purchase first the small sample packaging. I personally really like Clinique's idea of offering those small sample packagings, so you can test and valuate if it works for your skin.