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Sonntag, 2. Juli 2017

My last Glossybox June 2017 - Swiss Edition

I was subscribed to the swiss Glossybox for 2 years. Now I decided that it would be time to try out something new.
This subscription was not the usual monthly box but it was a 3-months box. Every 3 months I would receive a box filled with 5 beauty products.
Most of the items that I received were not from the usual drugstore brands, but most of those brands were unknown to me. I thought that was really cool about this box.

This time the box itself was very plain. Nonetheless it's a very sturdy box and I like to use them as a make up storage afterwards.
The theme for this box is called Salsa Summer nights. So lets see what we got.

One thing that was regretful about this box is that you couldn't really feel the theme.

1. Luxie Onyx Noir Small Contouring Brush 512

For me this was one of the most exciting products inside of this box. On Youtube I saw that a lot of girls in the States received these Luxie brushes inside of their subscription boxes, not necessarily Glossy also others. I always wanted to try Luxie out, so I'm really happy that they added one in this box.
The brush itself seems like high quality. The bristle are very soft and it's a perfect size for contouring or highlighter.

2. Marbert Youthnow! Zelterneuerndes Augen- und Wimpernserum

This Serum looks like something expensive. It is a serum for the eyes and lashes. This comes right in time, since I have very dry eyes.

3. Invisibobble Nano

I have no idea what they are for. I only know that they are for the hair, but I don't even get the description. xD Anyways I don't think I can use them because of my short hair though.

4. Catrice Cosmetics Iconails Gel Lacquer 05

I really like the brand Catrice for their make up. I haven't tried their nail polish though.
I'm glad they sent me a red nail polish since I just run out of my old one.
The only question I have: Is there a different application if it is a gel lacquer? Well I guess I have to find out on my own.

5. Ciaté London Fierce Flicks

This is a liquid eyeliner in black. It has a felt tip and on the swatch it looked like a very thin application.

Goodie Quickcap Beauty

This product confused me quite a bit. For a moment I thought they just added an empty plastic bottle inside of my box. Instead it is a beauty drink.
That little container next to it is a cap that you replace with the original cap once you added the water. Then you push down the green stick and the mixture gets inside of the water. Shake the bottle and then  push the opener up and ready is your beauty drink.

I tried it and the taste was horrible. I rather drink just water.

If you don't wanna be overwhelmed every month with new products this box might be something for you.

Samstag, 18. März 2017

20 anni di Kiko Milano - Prima capsule collection #lessisbetter

Quest'anno è il 20mo anniversario di Kiko Milano. Sono molto orgogliosa di questo marchio italiano che ha conquistato il mondo con i suoi prodotti cosmetici.
È uno dei unici marchi che conosco che pubblica tante edizioni limitate all'anno.

Per festeggiare i suoi vent'anni Kiko ha collaborato con Vogue Italia. Sette designer internazionali hanno disegnato sette capsule che verranno pubblicati nel percorso di quest'anno.
La prima capsula è stata rilasciata nel mese di marzo e l'edizione si chiama "less is better". La collezione e stata disegnata da Super Duper Hats.

La collezione costituisce di prodotti che aiutano a creare il no-makeup look. Nei ultimi tempi questo look è stato un grande successo.

Vorrei prendere un'attimo per ammirare lo stile di queste confezioni. Molto semplice e bello. Kiko ha spesso questo stile molto classico e semplice che personalmente amo.
Forse vi siete accorti che nella foto c'è pure un braccialetto con un ciondolo stile cappello.
Questo è un regalo che ricevete se acquistate 3 prodotti della linea. (Nota: fino a esaurimento scorte)

Di questa collezione ho acquistato 4 dei 7 prodotti. Ed ora ve li vado a presentare:

Eyeshadow Palette

Questa palette sarà una delle più belle che Kiko ha mai prodotto. Viene con nove ombretti che sono perfetti per un look da giorno e ci sono tre finish diversi: mat, satin e metallico. La confezione contiene anche uno specchio.

Gli ombretti sono facili da sfumare e pigmentati. La struttura è morbida. In questa collezione la palette ha solo una referenza di colore che sarebbe il 01.
La palette ti viene a costare €11.95. Attualmente non è disponibile sul Shop Online, ma corri nei negozi che forse ce l'hanno ancora.

Cream Blush

Questa è una blush di consistenza cremosa a base di acqua. Cioè ricordatevi di applicare il prodotto prima della cipria.
Il prodotto viene dentro un recipiente di vetro. Vi suggerisco di usare un pennello che altrimenti con le mani vi viene difficile a rimuovere il prodotto.

Questo prodotto viene in due referenze. Io ho preso quello più chiaro il 01 Impalpable Rose, che andava meglio con le carnagioni chiare. Se avete una pelle più abbronzata vi suggerisco di prendere la referenza 02 Tenuouse mauve che è un po più rossiccina. Questo prodotto costa €8.95

Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadow

Questo è un ombretto cremoso a forma di stick che viene in tre referenze e due finish: satin o metallico.
La formula è molto pigmentata, facile da sfumare e a lunga durata.
L'ombretto che ho preso è il 03 metallic rosy copper, gli altri due sono: 01 pearly golden ivory e 02 pearly quartz.

Questo tipo di ombretto è perfetto per una applicazione veloce e per un pizzico di colore se avete fretta. Il stick vi viene a costare €6.95.

Matte Lipstick

Ovviamente i rossetti non potevano mancare in questa collezione. Ci sono quattro referenze diversi e io ne ho preso due. Il 02 sensitive beige ed il 04 Impeccable rosewood. Il 04 è il rossetto che la modella sul commerciale ha applicato. Mi ricorda tanto gli anni 20 e perciò dovevo prenderlo.
Le altre due referenze sono 01 Silky Cashmere. Questo è una referenza nude. Forse un po troppo se hai la carnagione chiara. L'altra è 03 essential rose. Un colore rosato.

I rossetti sono fluidi ed hanno il finish opaco. La confezione viene con un applicatore a spugna.
Un rossetto viene a costare €6.95.


Questi erano tutti i prodotti che ho acquistato di questa collezione lessisbetter.
Gli altri tre prodotti sono:

  • fluid highlighter che viene in 2 referenze €11.95
  • Konjac Sponge €5.95
  • Pochette €14.95

La prossima capsula arriverà in aprile e si chiama Tropic Heat.

Dienstag, 19. Juli 2016

Concealer Basics | jamilaxaj |

Knowing how to use concealer is a basic step on how to achieve a flawless finish.
Unfortunately most of us are not blessed with porcelain skin. Maintaining a good skin is a lot of work and knowledge.
There are several ways to conceal: lighten up, cover up, and darkening.

Concealer or Camouflage

The main difference between concealer and camouflage is the opacity. While concealer covers up 10-15%, camouflage can cover up an entire tattoo with an opacity of up to 97%.
Camouflage is suggested for all who suffer from severe acne, scarring or any type of face distortion.
For the rest concealer should be enough.

How to choose the right shade

Concealers come in different shades and forms.
You can choose from liquid or cream. Some even have anti-aging or hydrating properties.

Some of my favourite Concealer are:

Maybelline FitMe!
Maybelline Anti-Age Rewind Concealer
Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer
Catrice Cosmetics Liquid Camouflage High Coverage Concealer

Check out Into the gloss for more about awesome concealers.

Have you ever wondered why concealers come in different colours? Here is the answer to that:
Acne, age spots, dark circles or scars come in different colours. To perfectly cover up those symptoms you use the complementary colour to neutralise them.
How do you know what the complementary colours are? There is a chart for that.

In this chart the complementary colours are facing each other. That means green will be neutralised with red and orange with blue and so on.

These are my personal favourite shades, that you should have in your makeup collection, if you want to achieve a flawless look:

For acne or any red spots you use green to neutralise.

Dark circles are mostly blueish due to the veins showing on the skin surface. That's why you can use an orange shade to hide them. Dark circles are shown on each face differently. On some faces they are more green and on others it seems more purple. So it's up to you to judge which shade might suit you the best. Instead of buying an orange concealer you could also go for a red lipstick.

I like to apply a skin toned concealer over the green and red to neutralise the shades.

Use a shade that is 1-2 shades lighter than your skin tone to highlight.

Use a shade that is 1-2 shades darker than your skin tone to contour.


My favourite way to apply concealer is with a beauty blender or a one way latex sponge. I like to apply the concealer on my face and tap the sponge on the area that needs correction.

Montag, 18. April 2016

Kawaiibox March 2016 & Giveaway | jamilaxaj |

The Kawaiibox team contacted me again for a review and giveaway of their super kawaiiboxes.
I'm a big fan of this box. It always comes with super cute items.

For the review I received the March Kawaiibox. If you read till the end you will get to the exciting giveaway of a fun kawaiibox, so make sure to read till the end.

Here some informations about Kawaii Box: 

This subscription box comes with 10 to 12 cute items from Japan and Korea.

You can choose between 4 plans:
  •   1 month plan ~ 18.90 USD/1 month
  •   3 month plan ~ 18.90 USD/1 month
  •   6 month plan ~ 17.90 USD/1 month
  • 12 month plan ~ 17.90 USD/1 month

The subscription ends once you receive your last box.

!Free international shipping!

The items that you get are all 100% original, no fake products. You receive accessories, DIY products, food, school supplies and much more.
Each box contains 1 bag of candy mostly japanese.

To subscribe visit Kawaiibox's website.

Here are the items of the March box:

Apollo Chocolate DIY Kit

Something super exciting about this box is, that in every box they add some sort of japanese sweets. This month they included a DIY kit. This might be connected to White Day which is celebrated in Japan on the 14th March. It's a celebration that follows Valentine's Day, in which the person that received chocolate on February 14th, gives back white Chocolate on March. 

Kokeshi Notebook

This is a super cute notebook with a super cute kokeshi doll on the front. The kokeshi doll is a traditional japanese wooden toy.

Kawaii pets sticker Sheet

As in most all the boxes you also get your stickers. In this box they included dog stickers. These stickers are super fun, because they are somehow fluffy and stand out.

Emoji Plush Charm

This is my favourite Emoji ever. The plush charm is super adorable and really fluffy. It also has a loose tongue. This box contains lots of key holder and one cuter than the other.

Friendly Bear Color Pen

The box includes a pen with brown ink, which probably relates to the brown bear. Although on the pen there is a picture of a bear that looks more like a cat than a bear especially because of it's long tail.

Stick Chewing Gum Eraser

The name of this eraser confused me a lot, but I'm pretty sure it's not for eating... This eraser just looks like a chewing gum.

Polka Dot Hairband

This is a super cute red polka dot Hairband that reminds me of Minnie Mouse. It comes with a bow in the middle. It's perfect for those girls that carry their hairbands on their wrist, it looks super cute also as a bracelet.

Polygon Bracelet

This bracelet is my favourite item from this box. It is neon yellow and matches my wrist perfectly. I really like matching it with my polka dot hairband.

Panda Sleepmask

I take it back this might be even cooler than the bracelet. A panda sleep mask!! how kawaii is that!?! Ps. do you sleep with a sleep mask? 

Cute Travel Lock

With this adorable travel lock you might need another lock to keep this one save, because it's way too adorable to be ignored. It even has a face. Is that a polar bear??

Happy Mini Towel

This is such a cute little towel. I noticed that on most of the items the bear was there. So maybe this box is bear themed?

These were all the items from the March box. I also did an unboxing video so if you want to know more here is the video:

As promised here is the Giveaway:

All you have to do is to follow Kawaiibox and me on our social medias. The more you follow the higher the chance to win the box. Good Luck.

Ps. this giveaway is international. ;)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Mittwoch, 16. März 2016

Lipmontly March 2016 unboxing

I want to introduce you to a new fun subscription box.
If you are all about lips and lip products this box might be something for you. I discovered this box through a review on Youtube and knew I needed to subscribe to it.
>>Here a few infos about lip monthly<<

Each month you get 4-5 full-size lip products

~ plans ~
-1 month: $12.95
-4 months: $38.95 (regular $51.80)
-annual: $116.55 (regular $155.95)

>free worldwide shipping<

~automatic renewal of the plan~

All the products are inside a cute small bag with a zipper.
I subscribed to the 4-months plan and the March box is my second box.

>>Let's get a look inside the March box<<

Camilla Lipstick ($14)

The packaging looks similar to MAC lipsticks. The shade is a pretty pinky nude matt. The shade is slightly darker than your actual lip color and it's super pigmented.

Camilla Lipgloss ($14)

Matching to the lipstick, there comes a lipgloss in the same shade. The lipgloss is also pigmented.

Ecolips Tinted Balm ($4.49)

Although it says sugar plum it smells more like mint. It is berry tinted and the pigmentation is very light.

Cargo Blush/Bronzer Duo ($10)

In the bag they also added a non-lip related item. This duo comes with a blush and bronzer.
The bronzer has a really nice shade and can also be used as an eyeshadow and the blush gives a really nice colour to the skin.

>>Here all the swatches of the products<<

From left to right: Camilla Lipstick, Camilla Lipgloss, Ecolips Tinted Balm, Cargo Bronzer/Blush

Every lip lover should try this box.
This box is great and it comes with a reasonable price. They offer a large variation of brands and each box contains new items.
One thing that I like about this box, is that not all the products are for the lips. They also add random beauty products like this one.

Montag, 1. Februar 2016

Tonari no Totoro January Q-Box 2016

Somewhere during winter 2015 they switched from the box to a bag, I believe due to the size of their items. Q-Box is not just my favourite box because of all the cute items and cool themes, but also because they are useful as well.

Q-Box also includes beauty items, such as products and tools.
Each month there is a theme. Sometimes it's season related and sometimes it's brand related.

>> This months theme is Tonari no Totoro <<

...Totoro is a Famous Japanese Anime...

<< Here some more informations about Q Box >>

Q-Box is a Lifestyle subscription box. They ship 5-7 full-size cute items in the section beauty, fashion, accessory and home. The products are mostly from Japan and Korea. Each box contains products of an actual value of 70$.
In every box there is included a high quality jewellery.
They ship internationally!!

They offer the following plans:
-  3-months ~ 68.85$
-  6-months ~ 137.70$
- 12-months ~ 275.40$

You will also pay 15$ shipping fees for each months.

You usually receive the box towards the end of the months.

<< Here are all the items from the box >>

Totter Travel Neck Pillow

From now on I will probably be the only one traveling with such a cute neck pillow. This pillow has Totoro's face on it and they even gave him two cute little ears.

Totoro Jelly Pencil Bag

Bags like these can be used for everything. This is a see-through bag with little Totoro smiling at you.

Totoro Calendar Planer

To be honest I'm not sure on how this planer works, since it doesn't have specific days on it. It seems like you need to select the dates on your own.

Totoro file organise Bag

Not sure if I will ever put files inside this bag, but I will definitely find some use for it in one way or another. The bag is big enough to fit for a small netbook or even carry your tablet.

Totoro Notes Book

This is such a cute Totoro shaped notes book. You can swipe Totoro to the side and you get your papers to write on. They don't seem to be removable.

Totoro Steam Warm Eye Mask

I've always wanted to try the warm eye masks. They're suppose to be applied in the evening before sleep. They should help you to relax and fall asleep easier. Not that I have any troubles in sleeping, but it surely sounds relaxing.

Totoro Earphone w/ Storage Case

Someone like me that breaks earphone every now and then, has always use for some new ones. I'm not really a big fan of those earphones that penetrate into the ear, but I would still use them anyways.

Totoro Fridge Magnet

Totoro is already hanging on my fridge.

Unicorn Hair Clip

OMG I love everything unicorn!! A unicorn hair clip how kawaii is that. I got a blue one which matches the theme quite well.

Surprise Item

There was a surprise item in the packaging. So that makes it this case. This cases are good to store breakable items, such as glass, earphones or jewellery.

I actually got 2 surprise items. I also received a paper holder. I'm not sure if there was suppose to be 2 surprise items or if they forgot to mention one of these items.

I received 11 items!! I never received so many items before. They usually always ship more than 7 items, but this time they topped themselves.
This months box contained many storage items. All the items were really cute and of good quality.

February's theme will be "Sweet Dessert".... Will see what that will bring.